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  1. MammothJerk

    MammothJerk Member

    I was wondering if wireless charging on a note 3 is possible if i already have a case on it? ive been using my otterbox defender and ive loved it since the day i got it.
    i always thought that with wireless charging you'd have to have a bulky case like the old powermat cases but luckily i got educated on that recently.

    it seems as though i will have to buy a replacement back for my GN3 but i dont know if that will add extra bulk as to hinder me from using my ottterbox defender, or if the otterbox defender is too thick to allow wireless charging?

  2. clintroc

    clintroc Member

    On Amazon.com they sell charging insert. Just search "Note 3 wireless charging" you can get them for under $10 and they will charge thru the case.
  3. MammothJerk

    MammothJerk Member

    Okay thanks, im swedish so i dont have access to amazon, we have a lot of resellers though; is this the same cover?

    will the recharging work with any Qi dock? i was thinking of getting an airdock

    i also found this on amazon
    is that the same as the replacement back or better/worse?
  4. ahjengmool

    ahjengmool Well-Known Member

    I have a QI charger and a QI receiver which i put under the stock cover and then placed the cell phone in its tech21 case and it charges beautifully. charger and receiver cost me 33.00 us
  5. MammothJerk

    MammothJerk Member

    okay so i looked around a bit and found this cover and charger kit
    From my measurements it seems the otterbox defender is exactly 5mm thick in the back and according to the Fone salesman qi card qoil
    does this mean that Qi charging would not work for my case since its exactly 5mm?

    on Otterbox's website FAQ it is said that
    so the official Samsung back cover would not work with my case since it says
    on the official Galaxy note 3 wireless charging cover page.

    i could not get any exact measurements from either the otterbox nor the samsung customer support.
  6. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    If you install your own receiver, using the stock Samsung case, the phone will still fit in the Otterbox. But at 5mm, the charge rate is going to be pretty low, so don't exoect a 2 hour charge.

    You could also just take the phone out of the Otterbox to charge it, and it'll charge faster.

    BTW, Qi is Qi. If it's a Qi charging pad and a Qi receiver, they'll work together.
  7. bob52r

    bob52r Well-Known Member

  8. dalegg

    dalegg Active Member

    I have a ZeroLemon battery and case installed. From what I can see there is no way to charge this phone wirelessly. Does anyone have a comment on how to do that if you can do it?
  9. MammothJerk

    MammothJerk Member

    doesnt seem possible unless zerolemon comeso ut with a battery for the note that includes qi wireless charging capabilities
  10. dalegg

    dalegg Active Member

    I guess i will list have to plug it in every night then. On my previous phone i damaged the charging port on the phone by doing that so often.
  11. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

  12. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    I have to modify what I posted earlier. I keep my phone in an iBlason case which is, I think a bit thicker than 5mm. Positioning the phone is just a bit more sensitive with the case on than with the case off, but I get the same (measured) charging current with the case on. Once I found that out (accidentally, because where I put the charging pad is just about where I normally kept the phone before I set up wireless charging), I don't think I've had the case off once, except for a battery change (which I do every so often).

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