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  1. danlaw777

    danlaw777 Well-Known Member

    Do you? is it worth it? any recommendations on which 1 to use?

  2. BoomerUS

    BoomerUS Active Member

  3. larrykay

    larrykay Active Member

    Highly recommended...
    I used it with my S3, and now my S5.
    Never plug in a USB cable ever again!
  4. nicholb

    nicholb Well-Known Member

    OEM back, Tylt Vu charger, iOttie car dock. All work great together. Love no having to deal with the USB cover or cords.
  5. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Well-Known Member

    The stock S5 back cover, just add this Qi charger.

    Cheap price, works great, and it comes with the charging pad!

    I have not used the USB port to charge the phone since about May 1st.

    Just one tiny thing to do, place a small piece of business card or thick paper over the charging contacts. About 3/8" by 1/2" and make sure you don't overlay the rubber gasket. Took me about 15 seconds to add that on, never had a problem since.

    Why? because the charger's contacts are just a tiny bit too shallow to make solid contact. But the paper overlay does the trick. And I saved a LOT OF MONEY.

    * Qi Standard Wireless Charger kit 'mine' for $18.99 and includes the Charger Pad
  6. MikeC01

    MikeC01 Active Member

    I just got the Samsung replacement back with the wireless charging feature. I had an HTC Droid DNA before this which had the feature built in and I really enjoyed the convenience of it.

    The new back is definitely thicker than the original one. Personally, I found the phone a little too thin and flimsy feeling before. With the new back it feels much more solid and has a little more heft to it.

    I've only charged it wireless once so far, but I used my Nokia charging pad that I bought with my DNA. I definitely noticed the S5 does not get anywhere near as hot as the DNA did when charging.
  7. Timbo141

    Timbo141 Member

    Works great!
    I also have the OEM wireless charging back and feel the same way.
    I use the Belkin Air to protect it.
    I have the Samsung charging pad next to the bed and one in the living room.
  8. nicholb

    nicholb Well-Known Member

    I agree, the extra thickness of the OEM back does make the phone easier to hold onto.

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