Wireless Connection from Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet to Linksys Wireless G 2.4 GHz router model WRT54Support

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  1. Norm King

    Norm King New Member

    I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet with wifi and 4g.
    A friend gave me an older wifi router Linksys Wireless G 2.4 GHz, model WRT54G ver s.
    The router works fine with my Dell laptop, but when my tablet tries to access my secure wifi its says "obtaining IP address from linksys" but never makes the wireless connection. Can you help me?

  2. Lummy

    Lummy New Member

    Any ideas on this? I just purchased one as well using the same wireless router and I get the exact same symptoms. Any help would be appreciated. MAC filter is off. Tried with router wide open for security and also with WEP.
  3. gr1mlock

    gr1mlock Member

    try this:

    • log into the router's admin interface
    • change the DHCP client lease time setting to 2880 minutes (2 days - or anything other than the default 1440 min lease)
    • save the changes then reboot the router
    • reboot all dhcp clients
  4. suleki

    suleki New Member

    I have the same problem, cant find an answer that works, or the answers are to advanced can gr1mlock, make their reponse more user friendly? thanks

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