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Wireless Connection Problems HELP PLEASESupport

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  1. Macromia

    Macromia New Member

    I just purchased the new Acer iconia tablet A500. I cannot connect to the wireless in my house OR my folks home, but it will connect at work. I have tried resetting the router but nothing seems to work. My laptop is connected fine though. My Acer tablet says the wireless signal I am trying to connect to is strong, then it starts "obtaining IP address". Eventually it says the signal is poor -1Mps, and then says it is disabled. But it can't be disabled because I'm staring straight at my Lynksys router and laptop and both are fine.

    Anyone else had these problems? WHAT DO I DO???????? PLEASE HELP :mad:

  2. splatoid

    splatoid Well-Known Member

    Do You have encryption On your router and if so have you set the encryption code on your Iconia?
    Also there is a patch for wireless on the Acer web site.

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