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  1. craigpicc

    craigpicc Active Member

    Hi all....if there is anybody actually left who has one these tabs...

    Just curious if anybody can give me a simple way to share files between my flyer and a windows 7 pc. Is there a native capability on the tab, or do I need an app to do, and what might that app be. I just want an easy way to move music and videos to and fro.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Dave L

    Dave L Well-Known Member

    Sorry I had not seen your post earlier. The forum seems to be pretty much abandoned so I rarely visit now.

    Try an app called Remote File. If your PC is on a WiFi network, connect your Flyer to same network and start the app. Run the program by pressing the big button and then on your PC go to the IP address given by the app. You now have an interface that you can move files to/from your PC with.

  3. craigpicc

    craigpicc Active Member

    Thanks a ton. Will try it out.
  4. anachronism

    anachronism New Member

    I use WiFi File Explorer Pro. It works great within my home's wireless LAN. Good interface. Fast upload / download. There's probably a free version. I got the Pro version from Amazon app store when it was offered as the free app of the day.
  5. nigelrtaylor

    nigelrtaylor Guest

    I use double twist for music & photos

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