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  1. CAC

    CAC New Member

    Hello all - please forgive my ignorance...I just got an Optimus C, my first smartphone - I wanted to be able to use it as a mobile hotspot on occasion. I know this feature is not supported, but for my use, I can't see adding a mobile hotspot for an additional $40 from Comcast. I used a method I found on the web for Optimus V to view hidden settings, (Quick Settings app) and was able to set up a mobile hotspot key on my phone. I can turn it on, and it is recognized on my netbook. The signal is strong, and the netbook says I'm connected, but with "limited connectivity", so in effect, none at all. Does anyone have any ideas for a solution?

  2. woodgtrplyr

    woodgtrplyr Member

    Are you rooted? I use the wireless tether app and have been able to tether my optimus to my laptop and also my nook color running cm7. You can use gingerbreak to root your device. I have done it twice with my phone, returned my phone to stock once and the re rooted.
  3. larkascending

    larkascending Active Member

    First, you have to be rooted. Second, get the app "Barnacle Wifi Tether" from the market. Third, hotspot!
  4. CAC

    CAC New Member

    Thanks guys! I'm such a tech-newb, I'm a little afraid to root, but I will work up the courage before too long...Larkascending I thought I saw in another thread that you were participating in that the version 2.2 is not rootable at this time -Has that changed?

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