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  1. Jiro87

    Jiro87 New Member

    Hi all,

    I have an problem with my tablet. I am using this device to listen to the radio, but after a couple of minutes it goes into the sleep modus (screen turns black, etc.). A side effect is that the wireless internet is disabled too.

    I have tried several option, like change the settings into never disconnect from wifi. And i have installed diverent apps who claim to fix the problem that the wifi turns off.

    Well, those didnt work either. So here i am, asking you guys for some help.

    Summary: i want that, while in sleep modus (standby), my wifi does not stop working.

    I hope one of you has the solution!

  2. andr01d

    andr01d Well-Known Member

    oh yah it does have a pretty aggressive power management. The only way I can get my streaming music to continuously play is with the power plugged in (tablet in dock/cradle) and Settings - Applications - Development - Stay awake while charging. Unfortunately it's not portable, and the screen is always on but it'll dim after a while...
  3. Jiro87

    Jiro87 New Member

    Thank you andr01d, best answer yet!
    I just have to buy a extra charger...

    Still, the question remains, i would love to hear a portable solution.
  4. VinnyV88

    VinnyV88 New Member

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