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  1. birthofthecool

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    Jul 19, 2011
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    Hi folks my X10i detects wireless network and even shows that it is connected.(shows signal strength,speed,IP address).I have BSNL broadband with type 2 modem.Still when i try to access internet it says not connected to network on web page.Please help

  2. beau420

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    Nov 10, 2010
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    I would first check to see if I could access things on my local network...like download a FTP server app on the phone and then try and access if from my computer.

    That would confirm that the network part of it works.

    So I assume you have a wireless router and maybe a DSL modem plugged into it?

    I would get SwiFTP and install it on the phone. Then I would set a name and password in it (make it whatever I want) Then turn on SwiFTP.

    Then on my computer try and access SwiFTP on the phone.

    Open a browser and try and goto whatever it's IP is....like or whatever.

    If you can confirm it works on your network, then the wireless isn't the problem....it is a proxy issue or something like that.

    Maybe your DSL requires a proxy server or some static DNS settings and you have to set that on the phone...but I'd check to see if it can work wirelessly on your network first.

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