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  1. ncmacasl

    ncmacasl Well-Known Member

    Any Wish Lists for what the Sidekick 4G LX (I am guesstimating the new name of the Next Generation model) should have??

    My list:

    * A bigger screen (closer to 4 inches).
    * Full Unicode Support, including manual entry of symbols (like Alt+#### on PCs and similar to older Sidekicks). Support for a wider array of symbols via the Symbols key (customizable??).
    * More built-in memory.
    * LED lights that are accessible to a wider array of apps (not just the built-in ones).
    * Smiley Button that works in ALL apps, not just the built-in Texting app
    * If you have to add bloatware (like DriveSmart) allow it to be easily uninstalled.
    *Allow customizable color themes.
    *provide a better font where it is clear the difference between l (lower L) I and 1 (like the older sidekicks did)

    Any others you want to add to the list??

  2. 4biddenPlastic

    4biddenPlastic New Member

    On top of those features listed by ncmacasl, I'd like to see the swivel screen return, flash for the camera, along with a camera that takes HD quality pictures/video. Having an (at least) 8-megapixel camera would be great!
  3. JiN1337

    JiN1337 Member

    As mentioned above, I would love support for better cameras. And continued support for additional versions of Android that come out down the line. We got a phone at Froyo, and it stayed on Froyo. It was never once upgraded to Gingerbread officially by Samsung. We have dirty unofficial ports of CM6, but I mean, how's that even compare?
  4. chatterweb

    chatterweb New Member

    Swivel screen and the hidden game are 2 I can think of right now. And crickets, if that is not already a ringtone.
  5. ncmacasl

    ncmacasl Well-Known Member

    You may be interested in the Sound files collection I have gathered from the original Sidekicks. (Crickets are included, I think)

    I have posted the files here on my SugarSync account (similar to DropBox): https://www.sugarsync.com/share/bt8m248oxzcbv
  6. chatterweb

    chatterweb New Member

    Thank you, I got my SK4g today from New York. It came a couple days late because of the hurricane, but it is awesome!!!!

    I tried that link above but it has expired, maybe you can repost it or something?

    BTW, I remember you from the old SK Forum that got shut down...your avatar

    I am having it rooted on Monday, then activated w/ tmobile for the no contract plan for 60/mo here in the USA. I pay 55/mo now with Cricket.

    That is my plan unless I am missing something.

    I miss that crickets ringtone, but no biggy. Got the keyboard back, and the feel of the last SK I had, the LX!
  7. ncmacasl

    ncmacasl Well-Known Member

  8. lectraplayer

    lectraplayer Well-Known Member

    My number one request: take it away from Samsung. Most of the problems the SK4G was famed for had other causes and many showed on other devices from Samsung. Other than that, I invision a device looking much like the SK4G for the next Sidekick. It's really a dream to use excluding the OS hiccups. I will want another. Beyond that, I would do things like put a lot of anodized aluminum on it, a few more notification lights, a flash for the camera, move the Jump button with the Home button (press and hold), silkscreen function buttons, and in general move some stuff around on the SGH-T839's frame to make an even more user friendly device (something it excels at anyway).

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