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With cell unlock .net it states you can't use the At&T 19.99 unlock?

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  1. darklide

    darklide Well-Known Member

    With cell unlock .net it states you can't use the At&T 19.99 unlock?

    Unlock any phone locked to Cingular AT&T USA. Support for Blackberry, SonyEricsson, LG, Motorola (Except Motorola Atrix 4G, Nokia & iPhone), SmartPhones, Pantech, Samsung, etc This is the fastest and most reliable unlocking method.

    So do I have to pay the $40?

  2. bfksc

    bfksc Well-Known Member

    Yes they raised the price. However there is a discount code for 50% off from AndroidCentral...just google it (I don't like posting the code here) and you will get the unlock code for $20.
  3. ranova

    ranova Well-Known Member

    i think its android50
  4. rpoosua

    rpoosua Member

    I have already try that code and they will send you an email with a link to reorder. I had reorder my unlock code from cellunlock.net on 3/18/2011 and as of today(3/22/2011):( I have not receive my unlock code yet. I'm going to be patience for one more day.
  5. rpoosua

    rpoosua Member


    I order mine from cellunlock.net on 3/18/2011 and got mine today 3/23/2011 just now. The code does work on my first try. Tested with Thailand sim & T-mobile (USA) works great. I had to pay $39.99 to unlock mine. FYI.
  6. i.mac

    i.mac Well-Known Member

    I managed to use the code. I had the Bell Atrix (I don't know if that makes a difference). I got my code is 2-3 hours.
  7. CX876

    CX876 Member

    I ordered mine on Monday (21) afternoon and just got the code 10 mins ago, need to travel to Asia next week the android50 coupon code works so I paid only $19.99
  8. darklide

    darklide Well-Known Member

    Just got mine too.
  9. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    Just an FYI if you want to unlock your AT&T Atrix and you have had the phone for over 4-6 months. Call AT&T and ask them to unlock it. They will do it for free :)
  10. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    i know nothing about apple devices.

    my friend has an iphone 4s with the newer IOS version from AT&T. it is jailbroken.
    wants to use it on t-mobile.. so needs it to be UNLOCKED.

    they are saying it is the newest update and can not be unlocked yet.

    is there a service.. that can unlock any iphone? how much is that service? what is that website?

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