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Witstech A81-EGeneral

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  1. daredavid

    daredavid Member

    I open this thread about the device in object, because i haven't found until yet.

    It looks like a nice device with good advertisted specs, so i bought one from JTShop today for 200$.

    Declared specs are :

    Processor: ARM TI OMAP3 cortex A8
    Memory : 256MB , support MicroSD Card
    Memory for Temporary Storage : 256MB Flash (NAND)
    Operating System: English Windows CE 6.0 / Android OS 2.1 Preview (only a test version )
    Audio: Stereo Audio CODEC
    Audio Outputs:
    Internal Speakers: Internal stereo speakers .
    Wireless: On-board wireless 802.11b/g module.
    LCD Screen: The LCD Display is a 7.0" full color, 800 x 480 resolution
    LED backlighting with widescreen 16:9 format.
    Touch Overlay: Surface resistive, 80% transmittance.
    Cooling: Convection
    USB: One installer accessible mini USB 2.0 OTG port
    GPS:built-in GPS module
    Language: English
    Package include: 1 x A81 E , 1 x user manual , 1 x car charger , 1 x Battery , 1 x plastic case , 1x DC Charger
    Gift Pack: 1x Battery

    Oh !! And yesterday Witstech has given out the Android 2.2 firmware, that i have already downloaded, this is interesting ! :)

    A81 E Android 2.2 English Version Firmware Download[ά

  2. Catfish

    Catfish Well-Known Member

    i have just been looking at this device online too. there was a good video review of it here: WITS A81-E - First Android 2.2 Tablet on the Market

    the software seems very fast, though the reviewer does say that the ROM is still under heavy development. Marketplace is not working and some apps don't work like Maps. Typing looked ok on it too which I am somewhat interested in.

    Let us know when you get this one.

    Edit: what turned me off mostly was that videos and music were not playing correctly the reviewer said. I think I would need to see the manufacturers put their back into it and fix up the software before I could purchase.
  3. veeshy

    veeshy Active Member

    keen to hear mnore about this
  4. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    I have a A81... not the E. It worked fine, but the firmware was always dodgy and the plastic used is a little cheap. But the screen is amazing. Very crisp LED backlit. :)
  5. brews

    brews Member

    This is the one that I've narrowed down as my top pick too. I've read about issues with the firmware, but they are updating it right?

    And a question about this one, is how well does it display PDFs? This will be one of my biggest uses, and I know that there are apps for it, but are they readable on the 7" screen? I 'd prefer the 7" over a 10" for size, but I need to be able to read it.

  6. aksoutherland

    aksoutherland Member

    I also have the A81-E. The 2.2 firmware works very well, they fixed several things. Music plays properly as far as I can tell. Still doesn't have google apps installed and there is a Rumor that the next release will fix GPS. Now if they can fix BT as well, this will be a awesome gadget. I mostly use mine for just playing around, I bought it for the GPS function to carry in my truck. Am looking forward to a fully functional firmware. It appears as though they are working very diligently on the firmware to make everything work.
    The GPS rumor can be seen here:
    Chinese Digitals Community - Android 2.2 0730 For A81E : Android - Page 9
  7. brews

    brews Member

    I've found this same unit from several sellers, anyone used any of them?

    Mp4nation.net has it for $200 with free shipping. No word yet if it includes GPS module.

    **********.com (Lin Chang's store) has it for $211 with shipping. I've messaged about the GPS, since it's in the title but not the specs. *update* GPS is a $10 option, $221 shipped.

    or, can the GPS module be purchased seperately?

    Thanks, brews.
  8. Catfish

    Catfish Well-Known Member

    I saw it on merimobiles and JTShop also. i think merimobiles had options to include the GPS module for $15 extra or something. I dont understand how that works as I thought the GPS hardware would be built into the unit?
  9. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    JT is 200 with GPS, plus shipping is normally 28 to aus. Cheaper than the A81 was for me nearly a year ago.

    mp4nation seems the cheapest if you can wait until the end of the month + the times it takes him to get around to shipping.

    If you can trust **********, they seem the best bet for instant cheap satisfaction if GPS is not required. I paid $10 extra for my GPS.
  10. aksoutherland

    aksoutherland Member

    I ordered mine from merimobiles and had the GPS option added. It was delivered relatively quick, and when ever I email them questions, they are quick to reply. They also send out email updates to let you know that new firmwares have been released.
  11. CooL_SpoT

    CooL_SpoT Well-Known Member

    Just ordered one for myself last night. Will be waiting impatiently for (hopefully) the next week before it arrives.
  12. Catfish

    Catfish Well-Known Member

    What are you referring to when you say BT?

  13. daredavid

    daredavid Member

    Maybe BlueTooth sound's better :D
  14. i2Paq

    i2Paq Member

    Does the screen auto-rotate when rotating the device?
  15. weewullie

    weewullie Member

    the quick answer is no.........sorry:mad:
  16. i2Paq

    i2Paq Member

  17. chipsandnuts

    chipsandnuts Member

    I'm actually gonna buy this tablet either from merimobiles or from mp4nation.com. Mp4nation does load them up with custom ROMs before they ship them out.

    Could you post a review once you receive this? Appreciate it!

    skycop51 likes this.
  18. brews

    brews Member

    I ordered one from mp4nation since I won't need it until mid September, and it was nice because I paid in CAD so I don't get dinged 3% from the credit card co. or PayPal.

    If there's not many other reviews when I do get it, I'll post one. This tablet has some odd limitation, but it appears to perform well where I want it to. I just hope someone writes a driver for a wii or ps3 controller since it has bluetooth, and then it might be a kick-ass portable game player.
  19. daredavid

    daredavid Member

    Ya-hoo! i received my tracking number today from JTShop.

    The seller is serious and it answer fast to emails.
  20. Medic005

    Medic005 Well-Known Member

    Looking forward to some user reviews, post up after you get it.

    This tablet fits what I'm looking, 7" screen and Android 2.2.
  21. fox403

    fox403 New Member

    iv orderd from mp4nation as have used in past and they have a forum second to non...gps working as is flash auto-rotate theres an app for it which works...so what are u guys waiting for get one before price goes up which it will on 23rd aug or they run out stock and u go on back order
  22. daredavid

    daredavid Member

    My A81 left the seller country on 12.08, still not received yet.
    I don't care about the no-auto rotate of the device, since i use it for ebooks and not for playing games.
    I've read somewhere that gps module is working on android 2.2, and Igo 8.x was released for android device, so it's worth giving a try, even if i don't use the A81 as gps navigator :)
  23. Medic005

    Medic005 Well-Known Member

    Ended up ordering one of these from Mp4Nation.com, let you know what I think about it once it arrives.
  24. CooL_SpoT

    CooL_SpoT Well-Known Member

    Just found out mine landed on Canadian soil (Vancouver Customs) at 12:38pm today. I'm hoping to have it on my doorstep in the next day or so. Expect an amateur review in the next week or so.
  25. darndot

    darndot Member

    I ordered mine on Monday. Can't wait till it get here.

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