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  1. darndot

    darndot Member

    Witstech A81E - Android / Google Market Fix See All Apps

    Craig over at GAT has a Video of how to show more Apps on the Market. I was able to download MixZing, and Facebook without a problem.

    There still may be some problems with paid apps.

    Thanks to those that figured it out!

  2. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time... Moderator

  3. muu92

    muu92 New Member

    Thanks for posting the youtube video, I followed the instructions as it was playing and it has fixed my problem....
  4. taffp

    taffp New Member

    Having followed the video to the letter its like christmas all over again with all the android apps now appearing without running round like a lost rat in a lab maze Taffp. Lots of thanks for a precise guide that actually worked
  5. vijaykhai

    vijaykhai Member

    I am curious to know what Firmware version you are using, as i am having many problems using my Feb 2011 version. Thanks.

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