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  1. SpooksTRH

    SpooksTRH New Member

    Good Evening Everyone :),

    My sister purchased a WM8650 Tablet, it's real nice, all in English with real Google Market :D.

    Today, flash has stopped working, a message appeared several days ago saying that the installed Flash is an evaluation version and will expire shortly, and it indeed has, as flash is no longer working, is there a way to fix this please,

    The software versions are as follows,
    Model: WonderMedia WM8650
    Android: 2.2
    Build: generic-eng2.2 Froyo ver1.5.3-19700101.125959

    By any chance, are there any system updates available for the tablet please.

    Thank You All.

    Best Wishes :).

  2. paskuniag

    paskuniag Member

    There are no updates, per se. You can, however, flash your ROM, which will remove most restrictions currently in place. Go to the "Flash your WM tablet" section of this forum site. Good luck!
  3. Johnny Bravo

    Johnny Bravo Well-Known Member

    the only update is for WiFi signal loss

    go here >>>> supportline.dk

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