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    Nov 1, 2011
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    Hi everyone, I have a tablet Android wm8650 7 "m009s. A few days ago 'I
    opened to replace the micro switch that was damaged and
    plug for charging too bad. made the necessary repairs
    I closed the tablet and I noticed that the screen will not light '
    but the device was recognized by the PC via USB, and I try to reopen the whole
    remove the display from the plastic shell, but while performing the operation
    as delicately as I shattered the touch panel and to make matters worse
    tablet now only lit by the blue LED but no sign of life and it '
    invisible, even via usb.
    Someone can 'advise me what to do to resurrect?
    or alternatively it would be appreciated if someone had the same device
    damaged for me to try to change some pieces. Thank you.


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