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wm8650 kindle app probsSupport

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  1. browny07

    browny07 New Member

    Hi, I have just got a wm8650 and when i try to download the kindle app from the market it says 100% download interrupted. Could anybody tell me why it is doing this please, its doing my head it :mad:

  2. devveldogg

    devveldogg New Member

    Check and make sure you have an SD card inserted.
  3. roy86323

    roy86323 New Member

    According to Amazon support, Kindle app will not run on WM 8650. Until about a month ago it workedd fine on mine. Then it went away. Checked Amazon support and was told that an update had excluded the WM 8650.
  4. MelW

    MelW New Member

    I have exactly the same problem and unit and was on the phone for over 40min trying various things with no resolution other than they would investigate further and then I received the below from Amazon.

    I'm sorry for the troubles you've had while trying to use your Kindle for Android application.

    Further to our conversation, I just want to let you know that the reason behind the issue you have experienced with your Kindle for android application was the origin of the Market where you have it downloaded. It needs to be downloaded from a Default Market which should be pre-installed already into your tablet since then, it appeared that you have downloaded the application from a Market, not a pre-installed one, which is not a supported.

    I have replied to the the above with.
    After looking on android forums I see that last update of your kindle app excluded the Wondremedia 8650. My device was originally registered using the authorised app from Google Android Market and now I cannot find the device other than a quick flash before it goes to registeration page.
    You control the app and you took my money for downloads which I can no longer access. I will give you the opportunity to reply before taking advice.
  5. 211reddog

    211reddog Well-Known Member

    get em man! they sell this tablet, they should offer support for it. thry coulfnt find a way to cpntacy wonder media woth me for almost 2 hrs.

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