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  1. korto

    korto New Member


    Please enter your experienced advice. I bought the Wonder Media Tablet Android 2.2 on WM6850

    Version of the kernel: -default

    Froyo Ver1.5.5 - 20110920.103830

    The problem is that the device can not see, does not read any micro SD card.
    I tried different sizes SD 1, 2GB and SDHC 4GB, various formatted FAT, FAT 32, NTFS and EXT2, 3 and still nothing.
    Format does not work directly on the tablet.
    His response is: SD-total memory - data not available.

    USB memory formatted to FAT 32 through the reduction of the attached work without any problem.
    Thank you for every advice or tip.


  2. korto

    korto New Member

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  3. nevart

    nevart Member

    Hi, you need push the SD card in a lot further than you might think. Push it into the micro slot until it is completely hidden inside the device (you may need to find something to push it with). When you want to get the card back out again, you have to find something appropriately narrow to press into the slot and put pressure on the edge of the card that is facing out toward you. This will cause the card to eject. Don't use too much pressure of course, or you will damage the card or the slot. I had the same problem until I figured it out.
  4. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Sorry it took so long to get a reply, korto. That sometimes happens when the "general" prefix is used rather than "support," because some helpful members look around the forums to help users with device issues and they use the "support" prefix as a flag. 300 views does seem like a lot, you're right.

    I've changed that from "general" to "support" for you. :)

    Nevart's suggestion of proper insertion of the SD card seems to address directly the issue you've described. [​IMG]
  5. korto

    korto New Member

    Hi all.
    Thank you for all the answers. I uploaded a tablet to the latest version Uberoid 12.1, but my problem persists. Send you a few scren log. Maybe someone of you will know where the problem may be.


    The card visible only when it is formatted in HTC Desires, but can not be written to or read. She can not work with it, just recognize it.
    See screen


    Thank you for your advice.
  6. bertskie

    bertskie New Member

    reprogram your android tab sir and after that 100% ok

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