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  1. I have 2 unbranded WM8650 8" tablets that I got off ebay around Jan this year for my kids. Followed one of the threads here and re-flashed both of them to 2.2 and everything has been great....until about 2 weeks ago.

    Both were fully charged, put away into boxes and left alone for 3 weeks while my kids were off at camp. When they came home they went and tried to turn them on and one is fine whereas the other????? Not so much. Not sure how to best describe it but the video refresh is VERY slow for everything. It is a very washed out image too. When the boot screen comes up with the android figure, the green is almost white with only a slight green tone to it...almost like the backlight is turned WAY up....but it isn't. They eyes on the android are virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the figure. The honeycomb boot animation is UNBELIEVABLY slow but the whole boot process seems to take the same amount of time as the working tablet.

    I do not believe for a minute that this is the cpu...both tablets do operations at pretty much the same speed. It is in the change of screens, scrolling or really any video change that is PAINFULLY slow.

    Now the ONLY thing I noticed that was different between the two tabs when they were first turned on is that the working one was at around 50% battery and the problems one was at 2%. I have taken it fully apart and removed the battery and used my lipo specific charger to test charge\discharge it and I am confident the battery is perfectly fine. I have heard that these will brick if left with no charge but there was still SOME charge in it and it did turn on right away...just with the video problem. I can't see anything PHYSICALLY wrong inside...no shorts/burnt parts/cracks etc.

    So at this point I am left with two possible areas where I think the problem could be. Either the LCD itself is buggered but I can't test it and can't see how just sitting would cause this...


    the video processor is buggered causing a very slow video refresh\processing...but again...no way to test.

    I have ALMOST relegated this to the parts bin and am planning on a replacement for my daughter and in the end I think I will just part it out on ebay. But not knowing where the problem lies??? I don't want to sell something to someone and only end up sending them a bad part.

    I have spent a HUGE amount of time searching online for similar symptoms without any luck. Maybe I am not describing it properly but NOTHING I have come across sounds anything like what I am seeing here.

    Any ideas??? :)

    Thanks for any help.

  2. Well not quite sure why I am posting an update seeing as there hasn't been so much a single response...even to say "don't know dude" but I have managed to figure out that it is the cpu. Every other component works perfectly when swapping with the other tablet and from all the research and info I have managed to find it seems the cpu actually acts as the gpu as well. If anyone knows for sure otherwise I would love to hear your thoughts.

    But based on what I have figured out here I now have a spare lcd, touchscreen and battery for sale. :)

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