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  1. emmanramos

    emmanramos New Member

    Hi guys!

    I recently bought 7" WM8850-mid tablet, I got no problem with this tablet aside from putting the tab on sleep mode.

    after pressing the sleep/power button the tab goes into sleep but in a few seconds, it turns on automatically.

    I got this unit brandnew and it has this issue before I install some apps.

    I want to know the culprit that cause this issue but BetterBatteryStats app is not compatible with this device.

    the temporary solution I got is the CPUwake app, but it can only turn the screen off and the system is still on wake mode and running @ 1.2ghz which drains the battery fast.

    unit specs:

    WM8850 1.2ghz / 512ram / 8gb storage / Kernel 3.0.8 / ICS 4.0.3

  2. Ludwixx

    Ludwixx New Member

    Try Nexus 7 manual (almost identical) and additional material(comments, etc. on this tablet

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