Wonder Media WM8650 ROM installing

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  1. tumaeka123

    tumaeka123 New Member

    i have 7 inch MID tablet and here's the info i have..

    Model number
    WonderMedia WM8650

    Android version

    Kernel version

    Build number
    generic-eng2.2 Froyo Ver1.5.5-20110920.083830

    can i do this tutorial?

    link: http://www.a n d r o i d t a b l e t s.net/forum/wondermedia-wm8505-tablets/14822-rom-universal-hybrid-honeycombmod-uberoid-wm8650-devices-v1-3-0-a.html

    instructions: remove the spacse on the word a n d r o i d t a b l e t s

    or how about this one...


    or can you just help me install HYBRID Uberoid? by making a thred or instructions here, pls help me.

  2. temjeitoinfo

    temjeitoinfo New Member

    Hi tumaeka123...
    I have the same tablet, did u have success with the upgrading through those links u shared? I need to find the suitable rom to upgrade the version 2.2. Could u give some advise?
  3. TheGUYuk

    TheGUYuk New Member

    wm8650 Specifications


    Main frequency

    Games suit version
    Built-in 146 European and US hot console games, support games download(Wireles remote control in 10 meters range)

    Display screen
    7 inches TFT capacitive touch screen, 16:9


    DDRⅡ 256M

    Flash memory
    Standard configuration 2GB

    Android 2.2, 10.1 flash

    Built-in 8Ω/1W loudspeaker x 2

    Reset hole
    Hidden(restart function)

    Top key
    Switch-on key + menu key
    Front main key
    Right/backward key

    Built-in 0.3 MP camera

    Support external 3G
    WCDMA(HUAWEIE220/E230/E169G/E160X/E1750) CMDA2000(Bora9380/AWIT-U8) TD-CDMA(TD368)

    Support IEEE 802.11b/g, Ethernet 10/100M

    Audio equipment
    3.5mm standard earphone port

    USB port
    30/24 pin port output, can be expanded to USB2.0 x 2, RJ45 network port x1

    DC-IN port
    DC charge port 9V 1.5A

    Card socket
    Standard TF card slot, the maximum is up to 32GB


    Polymer lithium battery 1800mAh/7.4V

    Adapter DC 9V 1.5A

    I have one of these tried uberoid v10 and v12 but could not get any rom to work some loaded so far then stopped at copying file to drive, I got some to boot but the touch screen would not work and they was wrong resolution. stupid me has no rom to restore the original... Anyone got a rom to work on these machines yet?

    UPDATE: Well zippperdy doo daa day I finally got Uberoid to install using Version 12.1, rom 136 ..

    I feel so bloomin happy! Bang on Guys ! I was worried my tablet would be bricked for ever...
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  4. androidgazda

    androidgazda New Member

    Try this.
    h t t p ://adf.ly/cK4zg

    Viber and Gtalk works

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