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Wondering whether to get the Liquid

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  1. shmuel

    shmuel Member

    Hey everyone,

    I was just wondering what everyone's impression of this phone was now that some of you have had it a while. The photos of the phone online look terrible but I'm guessing (and hoping) it looks better in person. The black version is out now as well.

    The price seems almost too cheap and acer products I've bought in the past haven't worked so well due to bad build quality. The screen more than anything is what is tempting me but I've also got the impression that the battery life is terrible.

    Any suggestions either way?

    It looks like 2.0/2.1 might not be coming to the phone either.

  2. ataq

    ataq Member

    I just got the acer not even a full 2 days ago. I like it, coming from other 'touch screen phone' I did have some trouble typing again. Its very capable and like you said the screen is very nice. It is a quick phone, just gotta take your time getting used to it. Just typing this was good practice. Whew
  3. mizx

    mizx Member

    I've had mine for three days now, and I'm very impressed; although I have only had basic phones in the past. Personally, I don't think you can go far wrong with it considering the price (I paid
  4. shmuel

    shmuel Member

    Thanks guys... I am really tempted now. It seems like it's good value. Although I'd love the Nexus One, it's a bit pricey for it's extra features.

    The notifications on top sound like a good idea, will definitely take that into account when I buy a case! I do like the white version... I'm just not sure how long I could keep it white!

    P.S. I saw on eBay 2000mAh batteries, which should help with the battery life.
  5. shmuel

    shmuel Member

    Hey guys, I've got another question... does the Acer support multitouch? Either through the standard apps or 3rd party ones, like the dolphin browser?
  6. Saymaen

    Saymaen Member

    The current version does not support multitouch. But i red, that there will be an multitouch upgrade with 2.0.
    I have mine for several weeks now and afterall im happy with it. But there were also some issues that almost made giving it back...
    There are still several bugs, apps crash very often and i also dont like the phone layout (i mean the layout when u are making a phoincall).
    But the most annoying thing is the batterylife. I dont know what mizx did, but my battery doesnt even last the half of his. Im trying to get the asian OS on it now and i hope that will help. Also looking forward for the 2.0 Version.

    All the other things work perfectly, phone looks great and touchscreen works smooth (but not as smooth as the iphone).

    If u want to w8 a bit longer, i would suggest you to get one of the other Smartphones Acer is going to release this year. I think they are just trying to get experience with the a1.

    But if u want a smartphone now, get it, its very cheap and with the 2.0 a rly great phone (hopefully).
    I would get it again.
  7. mizx

    mizx Member

    A little update on the battery life;

    Comparing the drainage, based on 50% to full charging last night, 10 hours standby, then 3 hours use during lectures today with 3g web access, and browsing lecture materials pdf/ppt etc.

    -4% per hour on standby
    -10% per hour during average to heavy-ish use

    So the standby is terrible, there's no way it should be draining at almost half the rate seen during usage. However all things considered, and the talk time quoted by Acer, battery life during usage seems reasonable to me.

    Anyway, it looks like everyone is having standby problems with the EU version, I'm hoping there will be an improvement with the Eclair update.
  8. sporty morty66

    sporty morty66 New Member

    .hi everyone i have just bought 2000mah from hong kong and i have to say on a good charge you will get 2 days with every day us hope this helps
  9. Nightwind

    Nightwind New Member

    I can confirm that the Asia-Pacific version of the Liquid is much better than the European one. I switched to that a week ago and the battery life is near double.

    I heard the 2.0 android update is scheduled for March. I can't wait! Acer said that multitouch is not supported because 1.6 doesn't support it ... I wonder if that means 2.0 will bring multitouch.
  10. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    All the 2.1 leaked roms have multitouch on browsers/maps. So yes, it will be.

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