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  1. ReadMeToo®

    ReadMeToo® New Member

    Ok after many hours going through the forum on the WM 8650

    Looking for how to take it apart to replace the touch screen and where to buy a replacement any link greatly appreciated

    plus where do you find the serial number or ID numbers , I was given this thing from a soninlaw who cracked the touch screen , the company was trying to get him to buy a bunch to give away to his clients for the Detroit Pistons all i have seen so far have the Detroit Piston logos on the screen but he dropped his and cracked the screen , i am in the repair biz so he sent it to me to fix it fatherinlaw can you fix it ????

    so help lol

    BTW very impressive forum

  2. ReadMeToo®

    ReadMeToo® New Member

  3. 211reddog

    211reddog Well-Known Member

    me too,!!!! me too!!! i saw some on ebay but they were 100+. man, o dp
    o not hav that kind ofbread. i really want to check it outtho. i traded it for san Ipod 3g hope it wss worth it
  4. ReadMeToo®

    ReadMeToo® New Member

    I chatted with the People who built and shipped these things to the USA and they flat out said the cost to replace and ship the touch screen was very high , it was just cheaper to by another unit.

    I have not found any manufacture in the USA that sales a replacement touch screen. so the answer is use a laptop mouse and all works fine.. and never buy a bargain again!!!
  5. 211reddog

    211reddog Well-Known Member

  6. DaddyFred

    DaddyFred New Member

    Same thing happened to me, and was told the same. I am using mine again by using a mouse.

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