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WonderMedia WM8650 UberoidSupport

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  1. bobby_digital

    bobby_digital Member

    Hello all, a friend of mine purchased this tablet and now they are unable to actually get any use out of it because of course it has the chinese market which is useless to us in the states. I've been researching that the majority of people have been putting uberoid v11 on these tablets to get some what good functionality out of them.

    My question is would uberoid be the best rom to flash on these tablets or is their another rom that i should be using.

    My personal answer is to return it...... disregard that comment i'm just venting.....!!!!

    Thanks for any and all answers

  2. devveldogg

    devveldogg New Member

    Uberoid is a very good upgrade. Makes a world of difference.
  3. grayrayl

    grayrayl New Member

    I second this last statement. Uberoid is very good.
  4. Sonnyboy

    Sonnyboy New Member

    yes the Uberoid works good but i did this upgrad on my apad with sim card now the Sim app has gone does anyone know how to to reinstall it on Uberoid please

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