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  1. markdmac

    markdmac Well-Known Member

    Chris, the firmware is the original image of the unit. You can grab that now if you want from the site I linked to above. You put that software on an SD car and boot up with the card inserted. The device will default to the out of box state. Stick with it, you can figure this out.

    This link should be for your firmware: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DOBPUEW1

  2. amrit_009

    amrit_009 Member

    i tried to install using the link u hav posted (Uberoid_WM8650_2.2_v1.2.2_NL_20110414_8-HcH.7z )

    unfortunetly i hav ended with endless boot animation with uberoid logo on screen, my device has blue led and while charging it has red, plese help before i end up bricking my device...
  3. markdmac

    markdmac Well-Known Member

    Have you tried the rom from post #17?
  4. ndh777

    ndh777 Well-Known Member

    I'm kinda giving up on this device...I think I'll just sell it to someone on Craigslist or something. The problems that I have with it are below:
    -Not easy to get Android Market on it (not the Chinese one, the one that comes standard on American Android devices)
    -Not easy to root (not too much information is out there on the web for this device)
    -Touchscreen was scratched when I got it and it doesn't respond to body heat like other touchscreens do
    -Turns itself on every now and then even though I haven't touched it
    -It's really bulky
    -Buttons are pretty cheaply made and seem easy to break
    -Not enough mega-pixels in camera for me
    -Battery is terrible
    -Wifi turns itself off and there's no easy way to turn it back on
    -Some of the options are in Chinese and can't be made for any other language, such as English

    Now it does have some good features but all of these combined really isn't what I had in mind. I could deal with a few of these, but this is too much for me and the part about not having any support from anyone else really is not something that I like.

    Some of the things I do like about it are:
    -Since it's a legit version of Android, you can install real Android apps from the SD card that you get from the market in .apk format
    -USB and Ethernet adapter was something that I really liked
    -Wifi and 3G were nice features but I did have a few problems with each
    -Nice widgets and nice lockscreen
    -Nice blue LED
    -Liked having two slots for SD card, one for traditional micro SD and another for camera SD (EDIT: Doesn't have two but one SD card slot for traditional SD cards like those that come from our phones.)
    -Has Bluetooth? (Can't remember if it does or not)
    -a few others that are minors on my list

    For someone who doesn't care about the stuff listed above, this will be a good tablet for them for a good price. For me, it's not. I'll sell it and go buy a Samsung Galaxy or something.

    Thanks for the help, tips, and information though guys.
  5. markdmac

    markdmac Well-Known Member

    ndh, sounds like you got a lemon. My seller was very upfront and listed the screen as:
    [FONT=宋体]7" TFT LCD Resistance touch screen
    Not Retina touch screen,so don't compare with iPad

    You mention buttons not working, I only have the one iPad like physical button, plus the power button. All the screen buttons carry the same TFT limitations but work for me. It also sounds like your ROM is original, if you can find a replacement ROM for your unit on the TechKnow web site (linked above) then you would absolutley get rid of any Chinese characters. Those are part of the installed ROM. Turning WiFi on and off is easy on my tablet, I gave myself an icon for it. Having it drop randomly is an indication you don't have the right driver for yours, again an issue with your ROM. The market I discovered will only show items compatible with the device. So some items may be missing. One really sweet feature I discovered is you can browse the market on a PC at https://market.android.com. Log in with the same GMail as on the tablet. You can then select to install items to the tablet and they will automatically push down to the tablet as long as the WiFi is turned on. You mention your model has 3G so that also confirms you have a different model than me.
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  6. amrit_009

    amrit_009 Member

    thanks mark,
    i tried again with gamefront link (WM8650_1.3.0_HoneyCombMOD_20110510-HcH.7z) it worked.... but i cant figure out what was the problem

    i was think can we upgrade it to android latest version honeycomb version.

    one morething i didnt got the manual with it just i wanna know can we make calls?? i cant find any sim card slot on the device...
  7. ndh777

    ndh777 Well-Known Member

    Wow....thank you. You gave me some hope in this thing. As the guy above me mentioned, is honeycomb possible?

    You can make calls via an app for VOIP and you'll need a headset with a microphone and obviously a data connection.
  8. amrit_009

    amrit_009 Member

    @ ndh
    i knw that i can use voip such as skype, nimbuzz, etc.... actually i mean to say how can i make call using 3g network service provider such as vodafone.....

    i think u cant u a headset with mic coz its 3.5mm port doesnt support and it doesnt hav any specific port for mic we hav to use internal mic....
  9. ndh777

    ndh777 Well-Known Member

    Actually you can. When I had my iPod Touch, I had a standard headphone jack much like the one on our tablets. I got a headphone with a built in microphone from one of my older phones and I was able to make calls, receive, listen, and talk through the headset and my iPod through VOIP. I forgot there was a built in microphone though so you might be able to do it without this headset.

    As for 3G, I heard that all you do is take your device into your desired carrier or call them and have it activated somehow. Explain that you have a tablet you bought and want to activate it with their service and they'll ask you questions such as serial numbers, model number, etc.

    I read somewhere on the net about hacking the tablet and receiving free 3G service from all over. If you do a quick Google search, it might come up.
  10. amrit_009

    amrit_009 Member

    i hav already tried with my nokia headset it doesnt work on my tab it doesnt work and as far as i know in india it is impossible to get a 3g service with out carrier sim card and if ur saying hacking it with out carrier sim card nobody will belive it still i will google if u have link please forward it.
  11. markdmac

    markdmac Well-Known Member

    The developer of that ROM is working on Honeycomb. For now I am just happy to have it all work and in English without the lockups. Take note of which ROM worked for you and then monitor the Tech Know website for updates. The developer seems to have a wide range of test units to play with. Another site to keep an eye on is ultimate droid. Tablets - The Ultimate Droid - Forums They only have 2 tablets on there now but might get more. Their image turned my original droid (work phone) from something I wanted to smash into a phone I actually like.
  12. amrit_009

    amrit_009 Member

    mark, i think we have same device because ROM which you were successful with it worked for my device too which mean we have same type of device
    i couldnt find which device i m using i m bit confused i just knw i m using wm8650

    i have visited that website thay have Uberoid WM8650 1.3.0 HYBRiD HoneyCombMOD v5 ROM uploaded so what r we using is it the v4 or v5??

    i have seen on few website selling tablet with android 3.0 honeycomb
  13. ndh777

    ndh777 Well-Known Member

    Oh. No you can't do that. 3G connectivity simply means data. Data and voice are two different types of services and phone companies, at least in the U.S., will tell you that you may not have a data connection even though you have voice coverage implying they are different signals. As far as I know and found, this tablet does not have voice capability.

    As for Android 3.0 Gingerbread, how is it running?
  14. ndh777

    ndh777 Well-Known Member

    @markdmac, thank you.

    I was able to successfully root my device as well as get Android 3.0 or at least it looks that way. Hell, the device looks better than I imagined it could.

    Thank you very much, the information you gave was exact, easy, and very helpful.

    While I am very happy with the change, I think I'm still going to sell it and save up for a better tablet. It really is nice but I think I have better, brand name ones, in mind. I know this thread will definitely help others. But I wanted to stop by and give you a special thank you.

    Like amrit_009, I had to use the Uberoid WM8650 1.3.0 HYBRiD HoneyCombMOD v5 instead of the Blue LED one.

    Good luck to everyone else on their newly rooted tablets!
  15. ukstan

    ukstan Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much. I thought i had bought (another) heap of junk. I couldnt get it to download apps etc etc, now after following your instructions it works perfect.
    Thank you
  16. ndh777

    ndh777 Well-Known Member

    But I've been playing around with the tablet for the last day or so and I come to find out that the wifi doesn't work. Like, I'll turn it on, and it says it's turning on and scanning, then it gives me a small notification in the middle of the screen (the gray, small kind) and says something like "can't find access points, turning off." Then just turns off...

    Anyone else have/had this problem? I'd really like to get it fixed if possible.
  17. markdmac

    markdmac Well-Known Member

    I am really glad I was able to share the information I had found and it has helped others with similar devices.

    ndh777, as I didn't create the ROM I can't really offer any advice of substance other than recommend you try posting in the Tech Know forums. The developer of those ROMs seems to be really eager to help and he might be able to give you an APK for the original wireless drivers from your device. I have had no problems with WiFi on my son's tablet.
  18. Rickey Horwitz

    Rickey Horwitz New Member


    I picked up a Wondermedia WM8650 10" tablet in Shenzhen China and as others pointed out, many of the applications are geared towards Chinese and the operating system has issues preventing this device from being ready for prime time. I read Mark' instuctions on how to download the new OS onto a freshly formatted SD Flash and proceeded to reflash my tablet. However, after 10 minutes of no activity on the device. I recycled power, but to no avail. The unit turns on (blue LED back light is on), but nothing else.

    I tried placing the 3G version on the flash, but it too did nothing. Is my Tablet roached?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  19. markdmac

    markdmac Well-Known Member

    Hi Rickey, it seems that there are many devices that report themselves as WM8650. As pointed out above, mine is a 7 inch non 3G.

    Your best bet is to check the Tech Know website for a 10 inch ROM version. I noted there are some FlyTouch 10" ROMs posted. You could give those a try and see if any will run on your device.

    The bad news is that your device is CURRENTLY not working. The good news is that you can continue to try ROMs to get it to a working state and there are still ROM choices you can try.
  20. Rickey Horwitz

    Rickey Horwitz New Member


    Thanks, I have tried different builds without any success. I suspect that it might be my 32 GIG SDFLASH? It formats good, but since I have utterly nothing after flashing I am growing more suspect of the memory.

    Anymore ideas whould appreciated.

    Thanks again,

  21. Xeroblaqk

    Xeroblaqk Active Member

    After installing Uberoid for WM8650... It's clear that this Tablet is AMAZING for the price... Uberoid turned this somewhat slower tablet with no Android Market access into the full deal... just added "Thumb Keyboard" to it and with that, and the new rom, I'm speeding through messages/websites.
  22. ZeeHome

    ZeeHome New Member


    I am new in this forum. I just puchased 7" MID tablet
    Model number: WonderMedia WM8650
    Android Version: 2.2
    Kernel Version:
    Buid number: generic-eng 2.2 Froyo ver 1.3.0-20110417.102309
    Led: Blue

    Everything is working fine except MICROPHONE.

    I tried myRecorder program to record some words for testing. It show like, it is recording but when I play recorded file. It has crapy sound sooo soo..

    I greatly appreciate, if some one help to fix this issue.

    Thank you
  23. Hinanan

    Hinanan New Member

    You say you liked the 3G... You didn't happen to figure out how to set it up, did you? Because I don't know what to put in all those fields and the WiFi on this thing is SO TERRIBLE, that I couldn't even get a signal sitting in an internet cafe! (And no bluetooth access either) My phone provider is T-mobile and thus requires a sim card (which there is not slot for in the tablet), if that's any helpful information. Thanks in advance for your reply...

    Incidentally, indeed, the Android Market thing probably infuriates me about this slow piece of junk (with a ridiculously undersensitive screen) more than anything else. I don't have access to the market from my PC either, because this tablet is my first and ONLY android device, and Google refuses to acknowledge that I've added me email on the danged thing. I've tried over a dozen different copies of the Market apk, multiple versions as well, half won't install, the other half won't run... *Siiigghh* What's the point of an Android device if you can't access Android apps?! All of the afore-mentioned alternatives don't have the apps I want most, and when I search online, all I find is shop after shop after shop that redirects me to the Android Market to download.

    Good thing this thing is at LEAST good for reading and comic books. else-wise I'd SURELY send it back.
  24. ndh777

    ndh777 Well-Known Member

    Read the above posts and one of my last 3 posts and you will find out that I was able to get the thing rooted, get an even better version of Android on it, as well as the REAL Android Market on it. I don't hate it as much as I used it. It's actually kinda nice now, thanks to Mark for the help!

    What I mean by liking the 3G is the ability to use 3G however I never turned it on. The Wifi doesn't work for me after the root though so be cautious. I read in the handbook that came with the device only runs on select CDMA networks.

    Basically, T-Mobile is on a GSM network and uses a SIM card. CDMA networks are Verizon, Sprint, MetroPCS, and a few others. These do not have SIM cards so you have to take it into a store and have it activated or call them up. I'm sure a simple 3G plan through one of these guys shouldn't be more than $30 a month with no contract if you'd like to check. You can try taking it into a T-Mobile store and telling them that it has 3G capability and that you'd like to add it. They may be able to help you and activate it themselves. I'd suggest physically going into the store. Don't call them cause they can't see the device.

    But read through this thread. EVERYONE has been really helpful and the tablet has become not perfect but much better than it was.

    I completely understand your frustration. When I wrote that particular post you replied to, I was ready to smash this thing and make a YouTube video out of it. But the tablet runs MUCH faster and much nicer. The sensitivity screen still bugs me because you should probably use a stylus or pen to use the screen and not your fingers. Or use your fingernail. As for the Wifi...check the forum that Mark left for us. Something about tech...com It is a bit more helpful than everyone here too.

    If you have any problems, which you really shouldn't, please do feel free to come back here, private message me, ask others, ask here on this thread, etc. about any problems you encounter. We will be more than happy to help you.

    Good luck and know you're not alone.

    EDIT: I'm sorry. Rooting means that you hacked the device. Hacking it allows you to do all sorts of things with it. Usually involves customizing the device to look different ways, run faster, run better, etc. Rooting is common on Android devices.

    Please do not let this affect your view on Android devices. I have an HTC Evo 4G (the first 4G phone from Sprint) and it is amazing. I have fallen in love with Android since I got my first Android phone last year. It is a great operating system.

    I have another way of installing apps onto the tablet. By downloading them from third party websites such as forums like this one, XDA forums, torrents, MegaFile, other users...you can take the file which is in a .apk format and move it from one Android device to another using the SD card. If yours is like mine, you probably didn't get an SD card. I highly recommend picking up a card for cheap like a 2GB or something at a grocery store for like $10. 2-4GB should be enough for any new Android user. I'm currently using a 4GB in this tablet and a 16GB SD card in my Evo although I need a new one cause it's full lol But anyway yeah. If you'd like more information on the whole installing apps, I can help you via PM (Private Message) as some of the stuff is so long to discuss here. If you don't mind, I could even send you some basic apps through e-mail that you might be interested in and you can download them from your computer to your tablet easily and quickly.

    As for using the internet's Android market, I personally never tried it. Do you have a Google account? Or maybe a Gmail account? If you have either, you should be allowed to get on. I think you need a Gmail account. I tried adding my Google account which is like this "XXXX@yahoo.com" instead of a "XXXX@gmail.com". If you have a Gmail account, you should be able to get on. If not, try contacting Google support either by phone or by e-mail. You can find their contact info by Google searching "Google support contact" and a phone number and/or e-mail should appear.

    If they don't have either, you can also head on over to Google help and post a thread there asking for help getting into the Android store online.
  25. ndh777

    ndh777 Well-Known Member

    I'm not exactly sure nor does anyone else here.

    Sorry for the late reply, I didn't see your response. You can wait around and see if anyone knows anything or do some more Google searches. There is a huge lack of information for this tablet though. Perhaps trying the other forum that Mark suggested? They might be more knowledgeable. The mod there was actually able to hack the tablet so he probably knows it inside and out.

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