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  1. pcmaster.sk

    pcmaster.sk New Member

    Hi guys.

    The phone kept bugging there's a new update so I didn't resist and I updated my LG P500. I used the official LG updating SW and everything went smoothly. Just the phone won't boot up completely! :( No rooting, no nothing, just the official SW.
    Weird thing is that I do have an unbranded phone from Slovakia and it flashed it with T-Mobile FW.

    Now it shows the LG logo, then the T-Mobile animation, then the ANDROID animated logo... and that one, the ANDROID logo, keeps flashing as usually, just now it's been flashing for 30 minutes. It flashes completely every few seconds.

    Is the phone bricked??? My Windows machine recognises it, the LG updater recognises the version... Just I cannot use it since the booting does not complete. Ever. Should I try to load the original kdz (V10a I presume)? Or will I mess it up even more?

    HELP! Please? :( I browsed thru the forum and didn't seen a relevant topic. Did I miss it?

  2. pcmaster.sk

    pcmaster.sk New Member

    Ok, this might help someone.

    I gave up waiting for the phone to boot up, it would obviously not. I downloaded an unbranded firmware KDZ (according to a tutorial here somewhere) from the LG site and flashed it into the phone using a unoficcial tool mentioned in the tutorial. Then I had to do a factory reset, fortunatelly from inside the phone OS, since it was complaining and resetting services. Now it's good as old :D

    I think the problem was with the country and language selection in the official LG tool. My phone is unbranded and bought in Slovakia, so I chose country: Slovakia, language: English and it figured out I'm with T-Mobile. Which I'm not and that obviously ****ed up the boot.

    I guess I'll update it sometime later.
  3. jtjohnston

    jtjohnston Member

    Mine has died completely. The updater told me to take the battery out and restart. It died. Completely. Nothing on the screen at all. Battery is fully charged. I have tried power-down-volume too.
  4. scoolz4foolz

    scoolz4foolz Active Member

    i have the same exact problem.. wont turn on, wont connect to pc wont charge, nothing... HELLLPPP!!??
  5. jtjohnston

    jtjohnston Member

    I contacted LG Canada.
    They told me to return my phone to Koodo my carrier. The thing is I unsubscribed from Koodo last winter.
    LG Canada told me to telephone:
    Futuretel, Markham, Ontario
    (I would not tell anyone your phone is older than 365 days.)
  6. scoolz4foolz

    scoolz4foolz Active Member

    what if i dont have a warranty? and i have no active data plans... how, who, and where do i send it to?
  7. jtjohnston

    jtjohnston Member

    Same situation.
    Keep insisting to LG that it was THEIR updater that crashed your phone - or at least that is what I did.
  8. scoolz4foolz

    scoolz4foolz Active Member

    did u have active warranty with them? cuz i dont...
  9. jtjohnston

    jtjohnston Member

    Not an "active" warranty, but I did buy my phone within the last 12 months. Call LG customer service line at 1-888-542-2623 to get the ball rolling.

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