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  1. dubbsix

    dubbsix Well-Known Member

    Just got another HTC DNA, and noticed that the phone never charges to 100%. The charging light stays amber and the phone hangs at 99?%

    Is there a fix for this? i feel like i had this problem the first time but cant figure out what i did to fix it

  2. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    I've never had this issue using the LG charging pad.

    Have you tried charging with phone off?
  3. dubbsix

    dubbsix Well-Known Member

    Im not wireless charging. Im using a wall charger. i will try with the phone off and see if anything changes. I must say I am not using the HTC chager... Im using a 750mah usb charger...
  4. stkorn97

    stkorn97 Well-Known Member

    ive heard any 3rd party chargers can cause issues with charging. im assuming thats where the issue is coming from.
  5. dubbsix

    dubbsix Well-Known Member

    Oh.. I guess i'll have to ebay the OEM charger. Does anyone know the specs of the charger? If i use the USB cable... although slower it should charge properly?
  6. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    I used my Kindle usb cord with my apple wall adapter once and my DNA told me I was using an unapproved charger and that it would charge a lot slower
  7. dubbsix

    dubbsix Well-Known Member

    Just looked up the specs, and I found an old Palm USB to wall charger that fit the specs. I have it charging now to see if it will charge all the way. The output from the oem charger is 5v/1A -- the charger i was using was not putting out that amount.

    Testing now...
  8. Cam501

    Cam501 Well-Known Member

    I use the HTC charger at home, but at work I use a USB cable that I bought over a year ago for my old Incredible and it works just fine.
  9. dubbsix

    dubbsix Well-Known Member

    Looks like by switching to the different charger worked just fine. It now charges to "green".
  10. CrackedLCD

    CrackedLCD Well-Known Member

    That'll be it, then. I noticed the same thing using other chargers that didn't quite have enough juice. It'll never go to 100. Even with the 1 Amp charger, it stays on 99% for quite a long time before topping out.

    I would say 750 mA is a bare minimum for reasonable charging, and even then with the phone off completely. The 500 mA charger in my car won't advance the charge at all if I'm using navigation.
  11. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    I find that the last couple percentage take a very long time, even with the stock charger. Could be I have a poor quality charger though.
  12. markdoc

    markdoc Well-Known Member

    My 2 cents; It's not the cord that determines how it charges, its the port of the computer or the part that converts USB to AC. Thats the actual charger. Nowadays, most of my chargers have a USB cord that pulls out to plug into a computer. It's tough to keep track of the chargers. I use tape & a marker.

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