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Won't connect to pc (HTC Sync) on VistaSupport

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  1. mcyates

    mcyates Well-Known Member


    This is winding me up. When i first got the phone I could only get it to work with the HTC Sync that was on the memory stick a i mounted the sd card.

    Today due to problems I have rested the phone to factory default AND installed a clean version of window vista home premium 32bit edition. I connected the htc to windows and nothing happened!! No notifications or anything, so i downloaded the latest HTC Sync and installed it, connected the phone and nothing happened. I want to get photos off the phone but can't at the moment.

    Any suggestions please.

  2. cheggerspop

    cheggerspop Well-Known Member

    On your handset, you need to click Notifications (click Menu > Notifications or drag the top of the screen downwards) and allow your Hero to link/sync with you computer.

    The computer won't find it automatically. Hope this makes sense.

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  3. MartinS

    MartinS Well-Known Member

    Mine sometimes won't bring the option on the notifications drag down. A reboot normally solves this.
  4. mcyates

    mcyates Well-Known Member

    i've brought it down but there is nothing in there "no notifications"
  5. ziggy

    ziggy Well-Known Member

    i had problems with htc sync - my computer wouldnt recognise the fact it was connected.

    what i did:
    1. uninstall htc sync AND driver.
    2. re-install the latest version on htc website.
    3. connect usb cable (at this point it should connect if its working), if not...
    4. switch phone off and then on again (without removing usb cable)
    5. give it a minute or two and the sync notification icon should appear.
    6. off you go and install update!

    i dont really need htc sync and wasn't bothered that it didnt work but you do need it for update.
  6. mcyates

    mcyates Well-Known Member


    The when i plug the phone in, its coming up as unknown, (USB Device Not Recognised) I try to update the driver from program files/htc/htc driver/ but it saying I have the latest driver installed, but i don't as its saying its unknown!!! Arghhh its doing my nut in, why doesn't it just work!!!
  7. mcyates

    mcyates Well-Known Member

    been waiting 15 min and nothing has appeared argh!!!
  8. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Because it's Windows, and that's what it does best. :mad:

    Try this:
    Connect the handset to the PC
    Go into System/Device Manager and uninstall any devices showing the yellow "unknown" exclamation mark
    Disconnect the handset
    Reboot the PC
    Insert the USB cable into a different USB socket
    Reconnect the handset

    Hopefully this will force the drivers to be correctly identified and installed. If so you should see Android USB Devices near the top of the Device Manager listing, with your handset attached to this. The latter should be using two driver files, %WINDIR%/SYSTEM32/DRIVERS/ANDROIDUSB.sys and %WINDIR%/SYSTEM32/WdfCoInstaller01007.dll.

  9. mcyates

    mcyates Well-Known Member

    i'll give that a go now, thanks

    Just for information there is no yellow exlamation mark in device manager next to the unknown device which is the HTS Hero!!! I'll try loading it up in a different port.
  10. mcyates

    mcyates Well-Known Member

    It just came up as unknown device. A strange think i tried. I turned on the phone holding the back button and power button and it installed the driver My HTC but and it showed FASTBOOT USB. As soon as i reset the phone and it loaded up it said device not recognised!!! Then its back to unknown device!! Proper winding me up now lol.

    I then looked at the cable and it was one simila to the one I got with my phone, you know the standard usb cable!! Well I took that off and used the one that came with the phone which has one flat edge, and it worked straight away. Very weird!!! But looks like it was the wrong cable that I was using, the phone was charging and doing everything except the sync bit.
  11. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Glad you're up and running.
  12. mcyates

    mcyates Well-Known Member

    now i'm going to add a new rom to my HTC Hero :D
  13. .Ray

    .Ray Member

    when I had problem getting Vista to recognise the connected Hero, I rebooted BOTH PC and Hero and it worked.
  14. Disco3Stu

    Disco3Stu New Member

    Can't connect my T-Mobile G2 through HTC Sync to my Vista PC, but connects straight away to my XP one. Guessing it's a Vista issue :confused:
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  15. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member

    Thread hijack...apologies, but at least it seems like the other issue is "resolved."

    Can any of you HTC Sync users confirm whether it provides two-way sync of Outlook contacts, calendar, notes, and tasks?

    And does it do it well? I.e., no duplicate entries, handles conflicts when items are edited on the phone or the computer, or both, etc.?
  16. GatorDeb

    GatorDeb Well-Known Member

    OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU :) Brand new Hero user using it to connect to PC for the first time.
  17. JarffVC

    JarffVC Well-Known Member

    I think the mini-USB plug on my phone is giving up. I used to be able to use any mini-USB cable to connect to my PC. Now it will only connect if I'm using the HTC cable with the funky end on it..

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