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Won't connect to WiFi networkSupport

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  1. Vanquished

    Vanquished Well-Known Member

    So, I my device started having problems connecting to my network for some reason. I have full signal strength and nothing wrong, when it suddenly drops the network, then goes in a loop of "attempting...attaining IP address...Connected," after which it won't hold the signal again, even after resetting the device.

    Reading around it appeared that quite a few people had this problem, some which was fixed with the 6.1/6.2 update, but I've only had my device for about a week, and it automatically updated to 6.2.1 the first time I turned it on.

    I contacted Amazon and after about 10 minutes of being on hold the CS rep said the only solution that came up if it can't hold a connection was to get a replacement device, so we'll see how that works out when that gets here.

    I do find it pretty odd that so many people have been having this problem though, for several months, and there is still no fix to it.

  2. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    Fortunately for me I have never had this problem. If anyone reads this thread and is interested in getting a Kindle Fire, can I make a recommendation?

    While the KF is a good e-reader it is NOT a quote unquote Android Tablet and one should not expect it to work as one, It does not have the Android Market on it and it is hard as hades to get it on it without it crashing every time you load it.
    Instead look at the Vizio 8 inch tablet at Walmart, I picked one up for just under 200.00, and just a pinch less than the Kindle Fire. The Vizio has the Android Market on it, a front facing camera (no back though, understand that the KF has no cameras at all) the screen is one inch larger, it is GPS capable where the KF is not, and so much more than the KF is capable of because it was meant to be a e-reader not a tablet, so much of the normal tablet hardware was left out, again, cameras, GPS etc.

    Don't mistake the Vizio for a full blown Android Tablet either, like the Motorola Xoom or a comparable tablet because it is not. And when you get it/if you get it, I recommend installing a launcher from the Market as these tablets do not have a normal home screen set up, basically the home screen on these tablets are what you would normally call the settings screen. I use the free "GO Launcher EX"
    GO currently does not have a theme for tablets but it has been suggested to them and they may have one in the near future, Loading the GO Launcher on the tablet will make it look like a Cell phone with a 8 inch screen, but you will have your 5 home screens and all the normal niceties of a normal tablet again.
    Seriously, I like my KF, but had I known about the Vizio tablet when I bought my KF I would have passed the KF and gone straight to WalMart. And know, you have to go to a brick and mortar store to get the Vizio at the 200.00 dollar price, WM.com does not have it.
    But if you are going to spend two hundred dollars on a e-reader you are better off buying the Vizio and just download the Kindle and Nook apps from the market. You get a much more flexible piece of hardware for the same amount of money and a larger screen to read by.

    Vanquished, it does sound like you got a bad KF, and I hope they send you a good working unit, but if all else fails, try for a refund and put the money on a Vizio tablet.
    Note too, that the Nook app for Android is not in the Amazon App Store. You will have to download the APK from another sight to your PC, plug your KF in to your PC and copy it over to the KF, then you will have to go to the Amazon App Store and download a file manager to your KF, open it and find the Nook.apk.
    You will first have to go in to the KFs settings and turn on the ability to install apps from third party places.
    Then go back to the file manager and click on the Nook.apk, the KF will launch install and set it up.
    The Icon will look fuzzy because it is meant to be displayed on a cell phone and is a small icon that is being blown up by the KF to fit in the app cabinet. BUT!! the Nook app runs perfectly on the KF and sadly the Barns&Noble Nook store has more e-books than Amazon, or at least it had all the books I was looking for, where Amazon had next to nothing I was looking for.
  3. UncleVanya

    UncleVanya Active Member

    I lost wifi this morning on my KF - I rebooted and it worked again.
  4. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    This happens with just about everything I own, tablets, PCs etc.
    What causes it? Best I can tell is my modem. I have Clear service, while it has a good and strong signal 99% of the time it will drop off enough from time to time that the wireless signal goes away, once the tablet, phone or PC has lost the signal for a certain period it is lost until the connection is reestablished at the device.
    So while it may be a KF issue, I suspect it is more likely a router issue. Just a momentary loss of connection, times will differ on hardware but as I said it happens on all my wireless devices when my modem loses signal for even a 30 second period.
  5. yjkoh

    yjkoh Member

    i don't have a kindle fire, but I have another android tablet. For some reason it won' t connect when I have my SSID set to not broadcast. It was doing the same thing you described going through a loop of looking for network, connecting, then disconnecting.
    Once I set my SSID to broacast, I was able to get my tablet to connect. Not sure why it does it, but that was my solution. I don't like broadcasting my SSID, but I guess I will have to.
  6. tlo07

    tlo07 Well-Known Member

    I'm having the same problem. I bought mine today and had no problem setting it up or connecting to the internet. Now when I go to use it I can't connect. Its very frustrating.

    Androidfonefan: I really don't think its that much to ask that this device connect to the internet. Whether its a tablet or an ereader, eventually you have to connect to download your books. The choice of device is irrevelant.
  7. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    Agreed, I was just sharing my experience with my wifi problems. This issue may well be a KF problem and if so it should probably be returned or fixed under warranty. Do you or the OP know anyone who also has a KF? Someone who could try to hook their KF up to the same network or take the KF somewhere else and try to hook it up to another network. If another KF hooks up to the OPs network it is a unit problem, if a second one does not then it is probably something else. If it will hook up to another network it may be an incompatibility with the router. That happens, not often but it does.

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