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  1. norash

    norash Member

    My daughter has her estar mid1018 tablet away to france with her as it was lighter to carrry than her laptop. she has tried to connect to the wifi in the persons house she is staying and its finding the router but then says its out of range ... any ideas she really wanted to use it for skype and is missing home terribly :(

  2. norash

    norash Member

    If someone could reply urgently to this it would be greatly appreciated, I have a 15 year old crying every night coz she misses home so if i can get this working it would help a bit xxx
  3. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Sorry to hear about your daughter missing home. :( One thing they could try doing as it can sometimes resolve connectivity issues like this, is to try resetting the WiFi router, unplug it from the power, and plug it back in.

    Unfortunately however the e-STAR is a rather budget tablet of unknown Chinese manufacture(they have a registered office in Hong Kong), and fluky WiFi is a frequent issue with these things. But resetting the router can sometimes get them connected.
  4. norash

    norash Member


    Thanks for the reply but she got it working, she tried the code again and it worked so I dont know what the problem had been :)

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