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  1. phoenixvai

    phoenixvai New Member

    Ok i have big fingers so the turn sideways to txt was a big help to me. My phone was working fine until yesterday, now i can not turn it sideways to text. I play a few games that you turn sideways to play them, they work fine. But i can not txt sideways.
    Ive taped it while sideways, held it upside down. but it will not change angles. If anyone can give me hints on how to fix this i would be grateful. I have even checked settings and i see nothing there that would change this.

    This phone if there are different ones is the captivate galaxy s sgh-i897

  2. NorCal Einstein

    NorCal Einstein Well-Known Member

    What keyboard are you using?

    And just to make sure, you are ENABLING Auto-Rotation right?
  3. phoenixvai

    phoenixvai New Member

    I found it. i guess it got unchecked somehow. thank you did a little searching on auto rotate and found it was under Settings >> Display >> Orientation

    thank you again. would have not had a clue without you saying auto rotate.
  4. picpic

    picpic New Member

    Mine is check and still not working even reset my phone.factory setting.and.its.checked and.not working any ideal

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