Won't let me view pictures sent via text.General

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  1. saraheden

    saraheden Member

    It tells me there is a message with no subject, then gives me an option to download the picture.. but when I click it, it says I am unable to download it at this time.. but then the download bar starts. But it never goes anywhere and nothing is ever able to be seen. It's really starting to frustrate me.

    It also will not let me send photos out. It says it's sending but it never sends.

    I need to use this a lot for my job and it's really annoying me when I spent so much on it. I wouldn't have gotten it if I knew that there was this problem.

  2. saraheden

    saraheden Member

    My sister fixed it. In settings > wireless & networks > mobile networks. make sure Data enabled is checked off.

    Know you're getting old when your 17 year old sister knows your phone better than you do.
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  3. monrein

    monrein New Member

    Having the same problem (and the mobile network setting didn't help...data was already enabled). MMS message show a download button, when I push it, it says "downloading" and freezes there. Being able to receive MMS was one of the chief reasons I upgraded to this phone! Any other solutions out there? (I can send pictures via MMS fine.)
  4. glencrusoe

    glencrusoe New Member

    Thank you rsister for me. It's been 3 months to find the answer. Works!
  5. kharris

    kharris New Member

    I took the battery out of my phone while it was on and reinserted it and the pictures came in fine.

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