Won't Reconize Sim Card

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  1. ValerieAnne

    ValerieAnne Well-Known Member

    I have a SIM Card from my provider. The card works fine on both my unlocked blackberry pearl and my provider branded Alcatel OT-800.

    It will NOT read on my unlocked samsung vibrant though. Both of my unlocked devices are from T-Mobile.

    Anybody have any ideas?

    I got it to work.. after weeks of it not showing up. I plugged my phone in today and decided to see while it was plugged in. It showed up and I got all my contacts off of it. Weird.

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Have you tried formatting it from the Vibrant?
  3. ValerieAnne

    ValerieAnne Well-Known Member

    No, I didn't try formatting it. It's working now though. I plugged my phone in to charge it and decided to check too see if the SIM would read, and it did. Weird, as I've done it so many times before and it never read the SIM Card.

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