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  1. Wild Fire

    Wild Fire New Member

    Basically my Wildifre won't send texts, yet it will receive them fine!

    It says "unable to send message after several attempts"

    Even though I have full reception, can make & receive calls fine, and can receive texts, just can't always send texts (although they sometimes do send!)

    My text settings are all correct, so it's not that.

    Anyone have similar problem??? It's really annoying me big time that a "smartphone" can't even send a simple bloody text!!! :mad:

  2. amg_1969

    amg_1969 Well-Known Member

    The only time I get this is using my Wildfire on T Mobile at home, and it only happens when there is a poor signal in the house, the phone usually sends them after a couple of minutes.

  3. kate_powell

    kate_powell New Member

    mine does the same thing! idk why though!? i get perfect service, and everything. its a new phone, 3 days old..why wont it send a message?!
  4. danskmacabre

    danskmacabre Member

    I noticed this today for the first time with my Wildfire which I’ve had for about a week.
    I sent a text to a specific person and it kept on saying unable to send.
    I then sent another text to a different person and they received it.
    Then tried the original number again and it worked.

    I would say where I was at the time had bad reception, but it still had a couple of bars.
    I think smart phones just aren’t as stable as older phones.

    My last phone was an old candybar style Sony/Eriksson Walkman phone, which though was pretty old, always worked and I had no problems with sending texts.
    I suspect the OS for the older phone is just simpler, so less error prone.

    I had installed a few apps on my wildfire but nothing dramatic, however if that happens again I think I will restore to factory settings and not bother putting any apps on the wildfire.
    I think smartphones are like PCs in that way, the more Apps and stuff you put on them, like a PC the more potentially unstable they get.
  5. pcgoodie

    pcgoodie New Member

    I'm having exactly the same problem ... no rhyme nor reason as to who i send to or where i am, sometimes it works, and usually it doesn't... it didn't work before ROM and doesnt work since... bought San Fran and put existing Monthly contract SIM is that worked fine in my old "unsmart" phone ... please SOMEBODY help, as this basically renders the phone useless to me as it's not reliable for a basic function
  6. pranavom8

    pranavom8 New Member

    Dunno if it will work for everyone, but I encountered this when the "mobile network" was switched off. Settings>Mobile network, when I switched it back again msgs worked flawless. :confused: I have no clue why this would work this way, I use a HTC explorer

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