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Won't switch on after chargingSupport

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  1. woolyback

    woolyback Member

    Have been happily charging my tablet up every few days for over a year now. However, when I came to start it after it's last charge, it won't boot. The green light is on when the charger is connected, but as soon as I disconnect it, it goes out. I've tried the two resets I know about- holding the power button down for nearly 60 seconds, and holding the power button at the same time as the + of the sound controller- to no avail. All the response I get occasionally is a double blip of green light. Any help appreciated.

  2. woolyback

    woolyback Member

    After messing about with the charger, I finally got it going again. I've had trouble with this charger before- I don't think the design is very good with the assorted plugs, i.e. rhey don't make good contact with the transformer.

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