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  1. maehem88

    maehem88 New Member

    my galaxy s2 wont charge cuz my charger port is broken but cant afford deductible right now is there anything i can do until i can order a new device???

  2. AndroidGamer1

    AndroidGamer1 New Member

    Now i did this with my old android anyway if you have any old Samsung phone you don't use any more (does not even have to be a android) you can put the battery in there and use that phone to charge up the battery then take it out and put it in your galaxy s2(all you have to do is make sure the prongs on the phone match up with the battery)

    p.s works even if the battery does not fit

    p.p.s you posted this in the epic 4g section when i clearly states in your post galaxy s2 just thought i would let you know
  3. someguyatx

    someguyatx Well-Known Member

    Check the charging port for debris, use compressed air to clean it out. Also try a different usb cable. If it still wont work take it to Sprint for repair or replacement under warranty.

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