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  1. TheJaybird

    TheJaybird Member

    I've got a new problem with my phone :(

    Since the Android update (which is really ugly, but that's another matter) I can't turn my phone off... Holding down the power button doesn't do anything anymore. If I press it, it just turns the screen off; no longer get the "reset/flight mode/turn off" option menu.

    Am I missing something really obvious? I don't really ever turn my phone off, but I'd like the option!

    The other thing is, I gave my phone to my flatmate to video something, and within seconds he'd dropped it and spilled beer on it :mad: Could that be why it isn't turning off? Everything else seems fine still, but if he has actually damaged it I'm gonna be really pissed off at him...

  2. jsmithy1

    jsmithy1 Active Member

    There's already a thread for this issue.

    Basically you need to do a factory reset to resolve the issue.
  3. theil01

    theil01 Member

  4. cramnij

    cramnij New Member

    Hi I have the same problem with my Phone, HTC Desire S
    Android version: 2.3.5; HTC Sense version: 3.0; Software number: 2.10.401.8; Operator name: KPN nl.
    The solution mentioned in de xda-developers thread works but only temporarily.
    Every time after turning the phone on again, I have to go thru the motions again. I don
  5. gulpy

    gulpy New Member

  6. Sunny Somerset

    Sunny Somerset New Member

    I have the same problem, HTC Desire S won't switch of following the software update 2.10.401.8 on 19 1 12, the phone was perfect before so I am 100% certain that the update caused the problem. Also all my icons are now slightly smaller and the icon text is fuzzy. HTC have also suggested doing a factory reset but I don't want to do this unless I can be 100% sure that it will solve these problems. Has anyone tried a reset - was it successful?
  7. TheJaybird

    TheJaybird Member

    My problem has come back again too, the fix was only temporary I guess :/

    Really wish it would be fixed.
  8. ajm600

    ajm600 New Member

    Just received the 2.3.5 update on my Desire S. Shiny new lock screen, twirly home screens --- but, as one of the contributors to this thread has noted, why are the icons and accompanying text so very tiny? My eyes are pretty good, but it must be causing a few problems?
    Don't like it.
  9. annndroid

    annndroid New Member

    Hi though your question is old others may be searching so I answer your queston; I tried living with the lack of a reset / power off for a month as after emailing HTC several times I had no reply other than the 'how did we do' surveys. Rotten HTC service compared to about even a year and a half ago, I expect they are now too popular and overworked as have not expanded their staffing levels or are complacent.

    Last night after a few beers I decided to do the factory reset. I guess I was just so sick of it I thought what the hell. Well now the button works fully as it did when I bought the phone from new. Hurrah

    Having another problem now with the route66 western europe navigation and getting the phone back as I customised it before, but will solve most or all of that at some point so I am glad I did it as I did not like having a pretend phone button (which worked when you pressed it once after putting new battery in but then would not).

    For the record, the so called fix of the security setting method did not work other than each time (restart or shutdown) ie setting not remembered which is no use whatsoever as I am not prepared to go through that process each time I need to shut down or restart. I am on T-Mobile network PAYG in case you wondered.
  10. jsmithy1

    jsmithy1 Active Member

    @annndroid, I also did a factory reset, but I'm afraid after a while the problem comes back

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