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  1. joyandme

    joyandme Member

    I was using my Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 this afternoon and laid it down to do something. When I came back, the low battery message was on the screen so I plugged it in but the message wouldn't go away at first. So I tried to turn it off. The "Tablet options" message came up where you can turn it off, but when I press "Power Off" it won't do anything. It has charged to 34% so far and still won't turn off. If I push the power button again, the password login screen comes up, but it won't bring up the keyboard when I tap in the box to put my password in. It's like the screen is there but not recognizing my touch with my fingers nor with my stylus that I always use.

    I am going to let it keep charging and see if it "comes alive" after it's done charging, but wanted to check in with other users in case it doesn't. It figures, it's just past the 90 days of my warranty with AT&T. :rolleyes:

  2. joyandme

    joyandme Member

    After it charged over 50%, it still wouldn't respond, so I took the SIM card out, and immediately it went into shutdown mode. After it shut down, I put SIM card back in and turned it on. It came on and everything is fine.
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  3. Sharondippity

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    Thanks for the follow through post, if this ever happens to me I'll know what to do :)

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