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  1. Jake_uk

    Jake_uk New Member


    Newbie here.

    Set up a Yahoo mail account in the "mail" app.

    Received a mail with Word attachment.

    Viewed & amended the Word doc, saved. Pop up message says "saved on your device".

    Big question is, WHERE is it saved on the device?

    Have looked everywhere, can't find it at all; its not under "downloads" or "dropbox" as its not yet set up on mine.

    Its not attached to the original mail in the inbox (like Outlook after amending a doc / attachment.

    Can someone pls give me some pointers pls?


  2. Jake_uk

    Jake_uk New Member

  3. Jake_uk

    Jake_uk New Member

    Thanks for the overwhelming response, I have now located the files.
  4. nicka3200

    nicka3200 Well-Known Member

    Can you share you new wisdom with us all? Mine seem to be saved in the "Download" file. Where did yours go?

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