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    Hello Android Fans ;)

    I have recently created a convenient English dictionary that helps you learn words you have searched in our past! It is the first dictionary to come with over 320,000 offline definitions in around 20mb. The application also does wikipedia queries on the side! [​IMG]It also has features such as in-app quizzes and lockscreen quizzes. There is also a simple coin rewards system that rewards the users (purchase custom themes and get new titles). These features are all set up to make learning those words you didn't know easier!

    The app has gotten great traction within the last few days but I thought it would be great to share here!

    Please give me your thoughts and opinions :)
    I am actively working to improve and implement more features (Coin shop actually finished today!)

    Here are some pictures of the app.



    Here is a Google Play Store link;

    The app has been tested well and I check multiple times a day to make sure 100% of bugs go fixed within a day or two.

    Thanks for looking!


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