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  1. t90

    t90 Member

    Does anyone get the audible notification with Words? I will get a vibration but no audible notification. I have it selected in the app and have my volume up as well...

  2. wildturkey

    wildturkey Member

    I dont even get a vibrate notification how did you get that?

  3. cwoodard

    cwoodard Member

    i'm not getting any kind of notification :(
  4. t90

    t90 Member

    Hell if I know! It just happened that way when I installed it! :) Guess I should feel lucky, huh?
  5. LazrRocketArm

    LazrRocketArm Member

    I get the vibration notification when I leave the App running in background.
    Do not get the notifications once I close the App.
    My wife gets mad when I haven't played, didn't know it was my turn!!
  6. t90

    t90 Member

    That is exactly what I am dealing with... even the wife part... :)
  7. Jellz

    Jellz Well-Known Member

    Sometimes I get notifications on Facebook even! Which is annoying. Then sometimes it pops up in the tray up top. I mainly keep it from running in the background tho, since I have seen it hog resources when running in the background (which is generally a bad thing).
  8. bake

    bake Member

    I don't get anything. I have just gone to the app and given it a bad review telling it that my phone doesn't get notifications. I would suggest doing that so that they'll fix it with an update.
  9. nyydynasty

    nyydynasty Well-Known Member

    i dont play WWF anymore but I do play HWF and i get the same thing. If I leave the app running in the background, it'll vibrate.
  10. Jahmakan

    Jahmakan Well-Known Member

    Vibrate notification only for wwf. It was the same thing with my Inspire and the Attic.

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