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  1. XFreeRollerX

    XFreeRollerX Well-Known Member

    Idk if this should be a request or a search

    I'm wanting an app that I can use as a schedule book for my work schedule

    Kinda like the to-do lists and calanders, but made so that its just a note for the whole day "work from 1pm-10pm" as an example

  2. punkzanyj

    punkzanyj Well-Known Member

    I know this is going to sound snarky, but have you tried using the calendar?
  3. Fixxer56

    Fixxer56 Member

    I agree, I use calendar all the time and you can have multiple schedules with repeating days on or off...try it
  4. XFreeRollerX

    XFreeRollerX Well-Known Member

    ok Ill give it a try I guess
  5. Jack234

    Jack234 New Member

    And have calendar worked out? There are so many other apps that are designed to do so. Why not give that a try? I use "aidoo mobile" (, it does not only show you when to work but also where, as my job requires to go to clients addresses, I found this app more fitting with my need. I am a freelancer (so I use the personal edition, but I saw there are some nice functions for professional users as well).
  6. BigRedGonzo

    BigRedGonzo Well-Known Member

    I have to agree with the others above; use the stock calendar. I would suggest that you log onto Google from a PC and create a calendar specifically for your work schedule. The stock calendar app on android devices can display and edit multiple calendars. It displays different colors for different calendars. My wife and I each have our personal calendars that we use for business. We have a family calendar that all four of us share for Vacations, events, appointments, etc... and we have recently added a Sports calendar so we know when to be at what game. The good thing about adding different calendars is that, with a couple of taps, you can cut off the display of one or more of them and then cut them back on as needed. The system is very flexible and you can share calendars with different Google accounts, so they can see and/or edit any or all of them.

    I'm a "Schedule Freak." I'm not anal about it, but I figure if you have the tools, why not use them. Because of my "Freakishness," I have tried several different calendar tools from the market and I still find the stock calendar the best option. If I had to use a different interface, I would go back to Gemini Calendar. It was pretty awesome, but it isn't a free app. If you are on ICS or later, you can choose a third party calendar and then disable the stock calendar to keep things clean.

    Good luck in your search.

  7. redrider12b

    redrider12b New Member

    I use work shifts free or time sheet. Both are customizable and work grear
  8. iwin

    iwin Member

    You can schedule your work in your calender.

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