Worked Out How to add second email account!

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  1. Dino80

    Dino80 Member

    I was having so much trouble trying to add two email accounts to my Android, searched on-line and saw others having the same problem, but no solution. But just worked out how easy it is, so just putting it here in case others need to know.

    Okay, so first email account is up and running. Click on email icon, click on 'menu' hard button to bring up other options. Click on accounts. You should be showing just the one account, click on the 'menu' hard button again. Will bring up option to 'add' account. Then you just go through the same process that you did the first time. But with the second account details, of course.

    Sorry if this info is already somewhere else!

    Hope it helps.

  2. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    What app is this for? What device? Don't assume that everyone is using the same email app as you.
  3. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    I didn't realize this was an issue with people, I've got 4 email accounts attached to my phone and never had any issues
  4. airjordan223

    airjordan223 Well-Known Member

    What mail app are you using?
  5. Dino80

    Dino80 Member

    I was using the app that just says Email. Device is a mobile LG phone. I even rang my mobile phone provider and asked them how do I add my email addresses to the phone and they gave me some wrong info, they directed me to the LG and they couldn't help either. This was after I googled for help and found some posts here about people having trouble setting up email accounts. I am very new to phones that do more than make calls, which is why I joined hoping to find out more.

  6. Guamguy

    Guamguy Well-Known Member

    I never have problems creating new accounts on the EMail app. You do realize that if you need to create a new account based on your ISP POP3 email, you need to know first and foremost, what your ISP's incoming POP3 servers are, and then the outgoing SMTP servers. To get that info, you have to ask your provider, or just lift the info off your desktop email client on the accounts and servers settings.

    Hotmail is very easy to setup on the Email app. It already knows what the servers are.

    For Yahoo Mail, just download the Yahoo Mail! app for free from the Android Market.
  7. xbxb

    xbxb New Member

    After reading the above post I had a question. Currently I have 2 accounts. A Gmail and a email (POP email). My email I also send to my Outlook on my PC. To get to my phone my is forwarded through gmail- which results in a delay - up to 20 minutes in getting my email.
    Could I just enter the in the "email" section on my phone instead of having it forwarded by Gmail? Would it still go to my PC - or do I need to do something else.
    I am a new Droid X convert from a BB Storm 2, and a not real email educated. Any help would be appreciated - hope i am not hijacking this thread!
  8. Dino80

    Dino80 Member

    Hi Xbxb, I don't think your hijacking the thread at all so no worries. On my LG there is an app for Gmail and a separate app for other email. So yes, I think you should be able to set up your @rcn email separately and not go through the gmail. With the two email accounts I set up on my email app I still get all emails on my pc as well. There is a way to set up receiving emails to your phone so that you have the option to leave email on the original server - and that's why you can still get them on your pc. But maybe others more experienced can help you more.

    Cheers, Dino.
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  9. stereoalexa

    stereoalexa New Member

    Hi Dino!

    I also have this problem, but when I go to the 'Menu' button, I only find Compose, Refresh, Folders, Change view and Email Settings. No item 'Account'.
    Also, I can't delete the existing account and start all over.

    Can anybody help?

  10. androidguy22

    androidguy22 Well-Known Member

    Do you see the word more? If so click that, which should take you to that email settings page. I have an option to delete account on that page as well.
  11. Dino80

    Dino80 Member

    Hi Alexa,

    When you click on 'email settings' what comes up then, and did you try hitting the 'menu' button after that? If so what shows up then?

  12. Dino80

    Dino80 Member

    Hi Alexa,

    I checked something on my phone. When I go into 'email' I hit menu first and it brings up 'compose' and 'add account'. But if I go into 'email' press on my address and then press menu, then it brings up all the options you listed. Did you press on your email address? Try hitting menu before you do that.

  13. stereoalexa

    stereoalexa New Member

    Thanks for trying to help me! :)

    When I tap on email, I am already in the inbox of the one account I have. So there is no other way to enter the menu. I still have the same menu items as mentioned before plus 'select all' when there is mail in my inbox, when there isn't, I only have the other 5 menu items.

    I do not see the word 'more'

  14. Dino80

    Dino80 Member

    I'm not giving up Alexa. Go into your email settings. Do you have listed an option to tick account as default? Is it ticked or unticked? If you untick it, then you are telling you phone to expect more than one account. Then when you top on 'email' it shouldn't go straight to inbox and hopefully will list your email addresses - try hitting menu now. (but don't tap on the address first).

    Fingers crossed,
  15. stereoalexa

    stereoalexa New Member

    Dino, thanks for trying :)

    OK, I found a workaround now. It is all really strange. When I go to the tab with "add a social network" on it I can add an account. But only as long as I have not installed LinkedIn. As soon as I install LinkedIn I log into LinkedIn automatically when I go to the social networks tab. So I deinstalled LinkedIn and get into the LinkedIn account over Droidin :)

    I can now add all my mail accounts and now I also have the possibility to switch the default account.
    Sounds all strange? You bet it does, but at least I can add new email accounts now. I wonder though, whether there is something I absolutely don't get about this cell phone ;-)

    Well, I've had it for about a week now and it is my first smart phone, so it will take a while to get used to it. But I must say it's not the best interface to work with. Well, we'll see what time will bring. Thanks a lot for trying to help me, it is very much appreciated!


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