Working Android 4.4.2 custom ROMs (CyanogenMod 11 and OmniROM) for NEO3DOTips

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  1. Soul Trace

    Soul Trace New Member

    Here is compatibility ZIP for Christian Troy's Android 4.4.2 KitKat custom ROMs (Omni-Rom and CyanogenMod 11).
    All basic tablet functions (including 3D features) are working.

    Known issues:
    1. Cameras don't take photos. Video recording works fine.
    2. Display is rotated upside-down in landscape-only apps.
    3. Slight graphical glitches at display rotation animation
    4. You tell me

    Use TWRP to install this ROMs.
    Please upgrade Your tablet to Jellybean firmware before install custom ROM.

    CyanogenMod 11 install:
    1. Wipe /data/, /cache/, /system/
    2. CyanogenMod 11
    3. Singleuser
    4. Compatibility ZIP
    5. Gapps (optional - Play Market etc)

    OmniRom install:
    1. Wipe /data/, /cache/, /system/
    2. Omni-Rom
    3. Singleuser
    4. SuperSU (optional - ROOT)
    5. Multi-Window (optional)
    6. Compatibility ZIP
    7. Reboot into OmniRom (You must do at least one full boot into OmniRom now)
    8. Gapps (optional - Play Market etc)
    To hide soft-buttons from 3D Player just enable Expanded desktop (on CM You need to set Settings->Interface->Expanded desktop->Status bar hidden).

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  2. utyf69

    utyf69 Member

  3. Soul Trace

    Soul Trace New Member

    10-minute mail works fine
  4. shimoj

    shimoj Member

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