[WORKING] Ext2sd on Micromax A73

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  1. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    [WORKING] Ext2sd on Micromax A73

    Have you guys get irritate with the low internal memory and wont be able to install the big games or all the apps needed by you now you wont have to think anything before installing anything now you can have all your apps installed on the Micromax A73 no need to think of internal storage.




    1. Sd card of atleast 2GB or more probably of higher class as it will be fast.
    2. CWM Recovery installed.
    3. Pulled ext2.ko module from any ROM or download it from the download link.
    5. Root explorer/File manager with Root explorer.
    6. Link2sd download it from play store.


    1. beerzar for sharing his CWM Recovery.
    2. Ninad Chaudhari and Varun Chitre for motivating all A73 users.
    3. Maastermind1024, AmarZo T DAs, Dark God and Aayushdutta for being with me whenver i needed their help and letting me try all my ways what i have tried and tested.
    4. My Office as i have downloaded all the required software and tools by using the internet of my office.
    5. Myself for having an urge to get all the big apps and games installed on my Micromax A73 without thinking of internal storage.
    6. To all of those whose name i haven't mention here who have helped me in one or the other way in reaching my goal to get ext2sd on my Micromax A73.
    7. To all the respective Devs for the applications and the softwares what i have used and the links what i have provide.


    1. Partition sd card by CWM recovery before that please make a backup of your data as it will erase all the data from your sd card. If you have previously partioned sd card then no need to this once again.
    2. Download and Copy ext2.ko to /system/lib/modules using root explorer.
    6. Long press on the ext2.ko file select permission and then tick all the check boxes.
    7. Reboot phone.
    7. Install Link2sd and then create Mount scripts by selecting ext2 as i did it for ext2 however you can try ext3, ext4 also if they work for you.
    8. Then in Link2sd settings please check that all the necessary things are checked like Auto link, Auto link settings, Install location and so on.
    9. Reboot phone and open Link2sd and then check in your Settings if you have the sd card 2nd partion mounted and if says sd card 2nd not mounted then press settings key and go to more and there you will have an option to recreate mount scripts select it and once you get the display message as mount scripts created then reboot phone and check back you will have the sd card 2nd partition mounted.
    10. Now install any game or app it will be linked to sd card 2nd partition.

    Enjoy... ;)

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  2. falesh

    falesh Well-Known Member

  3. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    Check OP for screen shots...
  4. falesh

    falesh Well-Known Member

    how to backup memory card ??
    all my root access apps r on mem card n i dnt want to mess with it again 1 :eek:
  5. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    Do one thing first download Android assisstant with 18 feature and in that you find a feature to backup the apps so backup your apps and then copy that folder to your comp and then partition ur card and once u partition ur card after that perform the steps provided by me over here and after that install your apps once again.
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  6. falesh

    falesh Well-Known Member

    mate partiotion krne ke baad hi ext2.ko system me paste krni h ya phle krne k baad partiotion kr skte h ?
  7. falesh

    falesh Well-Known Member

    link2sd says cannot mount ext2
    or ext 3 or ext 4
    No such device ! :eek:
    i made a 1024mb partiotion using recovery n 64 mb shadow space :
  8. falesh

    falesh Well-Known Member

    n waise b move to sd card ka option toh h apni stock rom me !
    y do dis ?
  9. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    Select 1024 n 0 n sd can d pe poore apps move to kar sakte hai par partition se wo jo apps ko phone memory me install karne ki zarurat hoti hai wo sirf sd card se link hote hai aur agar sd card format b kiya to b jab tak partition format nahi karo apps rehte hai aur isse bahut saare apps install hone ke bad b phone slow nahi hota.
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  10. hari347

    hari347 Member

    me too getting d same error message: mount script error...mount script cannot be created...

    pls reply in english..
  11. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    Just choose ext2 and then create mount script and then restart the phone n its done...
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  12. hari347

    hari347 Member

    while chosing ext 2 getting error message as

    mount: no such device
    ex2 may not b supp on ur device
  13. hari347

    hari347 Member

    when i see d storage info its like...sd card second part not mounted...
    how to mount it
  14. bharathi007

    bharathi007 New Member

    please help me shahabazas can not paste ex2ko file in root explorar. can not paste this file system folder read only this message aarea help me
  15. hari347

    hari347 Member

    hey guys done with this...thank you everyone who worked on this....thanks a lot....
  16. drsparsh

    drsparsh Active Member

    how u did it? iam getting error msg
    while chosing ext 2 getting error message as

    mount: no such device
    ex2 may not b supp on ur device
  17. manszone

    manszone New Member

    not able to mount ext2..all in vain
  18. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    You all need to first provide the root browser or file manager root access and after that you need to paste the ext2.ko file to /system/lib/modules then long press on the ext2.ko file select permission and then tick all the check boxes and then reboot the phone and then go to link2sd and then create mount scripts choosing ext2 and again reboot the phone and its done.
  19. reachpushkar

    reachpushkar New Member

    Even after copying that file to the modules folder and ticking all the permissions, the error arrives!!

    Any help??
  20. ashish56

    ashish56 Active Member

  21. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    What is d error???

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