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Working flashlight APP (camera LED) in progress!!Support

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  1. Blackbolt22

    Blackbolt22 Well-Known Member

    Kind words and I know how you feel. In the next version I'm going to try and cut down on the size and battery drain. I also need to find a workaround for the screen time out. Right now it is in place for a reason. As for requiring internet, I'm going to probably give you X uses or X amount of days, before authorization is required. I need it for now to control who uses the app. I don't want it going out in the state it's in to everyone.


  2. Here's Johnny!!! Lol
  3. How is the flashlight coming
  4. chicalee

    chicalee New Member

    Please send user name authorization for this app, thank you!
  5. mooseberry

    mooseberry Well-Known Member

    Lol please read the thread and you will get you all your questions answered. Just trying to help
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  6. Blackbolt22

    Blackbolt22 Well-Known Member

    Beta testers please download the new version 1.2 beta and enjoy the new changes. Read the changes at the bottom of the page in the 'comments' area! Thanks!

    Please report back ASAP!!


    ** See original post for more details **
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  7. Alsaces Daddy

    Alsaces Daddy Well-Known Member

    Downloading now. Thanks for the update blackbolt! I read the changes and that looks really cool. Its good to see a developer listening to advice from users. You're doing a great job. Keep it up.
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  8. Downloaded n installed it.I put my name in as usetname to authorize but it didn't work
  9. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    If I'm not mistaken only certain users can test this at the moment, which would be why you cannot access it.
  10. Alsaces Daddy

    Alsaces Daddy Well-Known Member

    Are you a current beta tester? If you are not then you do not have authorization to this app and it will not work until the official release to the public. Sorry about the inconvenience but this is to ensure no one steals his work AND so he can privately test the app to make sure it will not harm our phones. Again I'm sorry about the inconvenience.
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  11. He said first 10 users will get instant authorization
  12. Oh ok
  13. Will this app cost when it gets on the market
  14. Blackbolt22

    Blackbolt22 Well-Known Member

    I did?
  15. Alsaces Daddy

    Alsaces Daddy Well-Known Member

    He misunderstood. We cleared that up. :)
  16. Blackbolt22

    Blackbolt22 Well-Known Member

    Well seeing how I am broke and living with a friend... I'd love to charge like 99 cents per download but the person that I am (someone who always does things for free for people) conflicts with that idea.

    I'm thinking the base version of this will be free and then if you want some frills or to donate it can be optional. Only I can't receive donations through the app itself while it is on the market however someone could go to my website and press donate. In fact someone already has and now I have enough money to put the app on the market place!

    For a possible frill: I have a new idea to make it flash the led if a phone call is incoming, and possibly on something else. Would that even be cool or useful though? One thing for sure is that someone who has root access could definetely have that option along with an adjustable strobe light option. Unfortunately a non-rooted phone would be a bright but slow pulsing flash. I'm open to suggestions!!
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  17. Alsaces Daddy

    Alsaces Daddy Well-Known Member

    I like the pulsating light idea. The green led is hard for me to see most times. And I usually turn my phone face down when its not in use. I like where you're going with this.
  18. It would b nice for that to flash when a incoming call cones in.but make that for the donated version
  19. Alsaces Daddy

    Alsaces Daddy Well-Known Member

    I think it would be cool if the framework could make it possible to flash at different speeds depending on the notification type. Could be worth looking in to yeah?
  20. Blackbolt22

    Blackbolt22 Well-Known Member

    It will and it can. I'm working on it now!
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  21. Alsaces Daddy

    Alsaces Daddy Well-Known Member

    You are THE MAN!!!
  22. Blackbolt22

    Blackbolt22 Well-Known Member

    I will be looking for some feedback from all of the testers of this soon guys. Test it and report back please. Thanks! :)

    Open beta for a day (or more) will be coming very soon, like maybe today! Can I get some replies here today to see if this would be something worth doing? If I get like 10 replies here today from non-testers, I will release a username for everyone to use till it goes back to closed beta.
  23. dirtyredz

    dirtyredz Well-Known Member

    Definitely man! Would love to give it a go!
  24. nefcpainter119

    nefcpainter119 Well-Known Member

    That'd be great man
  25. Cowzaar

    Cowzaar Member

    Please release the username so that we can all try it.

    I'd love to have a working flashlight for this non-rooted phone.

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