Working flashlight APP (camera LED) in progress!!Support

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  1. OlsonConnor

    OlsonConnor Well-Known Member

    I would like to try it out!

  2. galaxyesm

    galaxyesm Well-Known Member

    I wanna ttry out.
  3. Alsaces Daddy

    Alsaces Daddy Well-Known Member

    Halfway there. I think these guys are interested! Lol
  4. Krowbarr

    Krowbarr Well-Known Member

    Please sir,I also would love to give it a try. Thank you for your hard work on this.
  5. Blackbolt22

    Blackbolt22 Well-Known Member

    Alright. Please read the disclaimer and website for details:

    username: blacksheepwall

    open beta for a short period of time.

    Here is what's next:

    ** A settings control panel for the app because the screen is getting filled.
    ** The ability to have more options for "Rooted" users. So a Bright, Dim, Off, and Adjustable strobe.
    ** The ability to make incoming calls, etc. blink the LED at your "setting".
    ** More tweaks and trying to keep the app the same size so memory usage is low.

    Oh and I'd appreciate some feedback on the app. and any suggestions will be helpful and considered.
  6. Cowzaar

    Cowzaar Member

    Thanks for the username.

    App works great and is all I'd ask for! Other than maybe an 'Indefinite' option in the Flashlight Duration box to keep it on until I turn it off.

    Aside from that, it really does work well on my non-rooted phone and I like it just as it is!
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  7. nefcpainter119

    nefcpainter119 Well-Known Member

    Tried blacksheepwall says app could not be authorized
  8. galaxyesm

    galaxyesm Well-Known Member

    Works great on my rooted phn ^.^ i love it.
  9. Blackbolt22

    Blackbolt22 Well-Known Member

    The auth. requires internet access. Try it again.
  10. Krowbarr

    Krowbarr Well-Known Member

    Working just great on my non rooted (for now) Warp. Thanks!
  11. dirtyredz

    dirtyredz Well-Known Member

    Tests out good so far, rooted, and running n00bII, doesn't interfere with any other app, no force closing, takes a couple seconds to turn the light on, (possibly lag on my phone, lots of apps lol) very functional and useful, a widget or shake to activate might be cool in a future release. I would definitely pay for the app! - :)
  12. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    Works great so far. It lights up like a flash light! Nice interface too! My only real suggestion is perhaps a way to use it just by pushing home or something like that while on the lock screen? Just a thought. Great app though!
  13. I agree with prinny.also is it possible to keep the flashlight on
  14. DirtyMitten

    DirtyMitten Member

    Blackbolt22 you rock! Tried the beta and its working great. I sure am glad to see all the new roms & apps available for the Warp!
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  15. nefcpainter119

    nefcpainter119 Well-Known Member

    I have been man and I have full bars. I guess I gotta use rootdim for now:(
  16. QuietStorm1785

    QuietStorm1785 Well-Known Member Developer

    works great on my rooted warp, good job man. would be a great addition to cm7 instead of the torch application. altho I am still working on cm7 and not really progressing as far as i would like to...:(
  17. Alsaces Daddy

    Alsaces Daddy Well-Known Member

    Try uninstalling it and reinstalling it.
  18. Blackbolt22

    Blackbolt22 Well-Known Member

    make sure name is exact with no caps or spaces. blacksheepwall. if that don't work...

    manage apps->clear data->uninstall->reinstall->repeat 1st step. :)
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  19. ctislva

    ctislva Well-Known Member

    works great thank you for the beta test
    by the way im rooted but on stock rom
    i think its good the way it is
  20. StarScream2109

    StarScream2109 Well-Known Member Developer

    Okay tested this (i know I've been away for a while) it works good like how it looks too excellent work blackbolt
  21. UnknownUser1

    UnknownUser1 Well-Known Member

    Damn do i wanna play starcraft now. Or was that comand and conquer

    Edit: ran the app and i love now easy to use it is but is there a widget or on shortcut like with rootdim? And is it only wifi or can i use 3g to authorize
  22. Alsaces Daddy

    Alsaces Daddy Well-Known Member

    3g is fine to use.
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  23. OlsonConnor

    OlsonConnor Well-Known Member

    Works great unrooted! Might root to try out the new features. There is a slight lag when you press the ON button it turns on a couple seconds after, but overall it's great!
  24. Alsaces Daddy

    Alsaces Daddy Well-Known Member

    No extra features for root as of yet but there will be soon.
  25. Blackbolt22

    Blackbolt22 Well-Known Member

    Open Beta for a day is over. Thanks to all who tested. It is going back to closed until the next update. You may still use your free internet charges if you have some left :)

    I also appreciate everyone helping each other with this app. If there is someone who needs this app. for their job or some other constant IMPORTANT need, and understands the risks/disclaimer, etc., message me and I may give you a permanent username to use during the entire beta phase. A promise of feedback will help in the consideration :). Please state the reason for the need in the PM.

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