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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by johnchad14, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. johnchad14

    johnchad14 Well-Known Member

    Apr 8, 2010
    First time I've tried modding an apk. With the new widget, I'm trying to make a transparent inbox widget to go along with the revo theme I'm using. 2 issues so far:

    1. Text is black, needs to be white to match. I can't figure how to change that at all. Any guidance?

    2. I have a mod working that has the transparent inbox, but the borders of the widget seem to be fubared a bit. Text is overlapping the widget border, not sure why. I changed the widget background (a .9.png) in gimp and ran it through eclipse to make it good. All seemed to work well except it doesn't look quite right.

    As I said, first time I've tried to do anything like this and pretty newb...any guidance would be appreciated.

    edit: figured out text colors, after learning to get into .xmls
    couldn't figure out a way to get image to come out pretty, so made entire thing transparent, only text visible now.

    First functional version (shown with revo theme stuff):

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  2. timmyk465

    timmyk465 Guest

    this is pretty awesome! What steps did you take to make this? I might like to try my hand at making a grey or black background version.
  3. johnchad14

    johnchad14 Well-Known Member

    Apr 8, 2010
    well, thanks! i'm far from an expert, but happy to share what I did. the real part that is fuzzy for me is messing with .9.pngs and how to handle some conflicting stuff. I gave up messing with the voice widget since I reverted to an older voice version til the sms lag issues are fixed with the current voice app.

    My method was prettymuch googling xda for the whole thing, let me see if I can find the main thread that guided me...

    [solved]Editing and installing apk's - xda-developers

    basic method something like:
    1. use 7zip to copy out the res folder in the apk without extracting the full archice

    2. finding what you want to modify (each of the 2 voice widgets is just one .9.png so no problem to modify. the incredible uses images in the drawable-hdpi directory, not the mdpi afaik

    3. open image on whatever image editor you prefer and change as you like

    4. fuzzy part : when editing .9.png, more steps are needed as the image must be scalable. I used this guide:

    How to edit .9.pngs - xda-developers

    I saw other threads debating the necessity of some of those steps, but I used them all myself. Would love input on an easier way if it exists.

    5. copy any changed files back into the .apk with 7zip

    6. I deleted the meta-inf folder in zip and resigned with a windows app called androidsigner, a nice little autosigner utility. Mine wouldn't run without resigning.

    I plum forgot where I found the text color in there, it will come back to me in a day or 2.

    I haven't really lost interest in doing more versions of this, but it just seems pointless until the voice app versions with the widget stop being so terribly laggy for me.
  4. johnchad14

    johnchad14 Well-Known Member

    Apr 8, 2010
    I should add that in my searching before making this I did find a black version with bright green highlights, part of a pack of stuff for a theme on xda. trying to refind it turned up some already made other themed voice widgets:


    [Theme] [Black] Widgets - xda-developers

    gray transparent

    [Theme] [Smoked] Widgets - xda-developers

    black with green

    So does anyone have a transparent/dark Google Voice widget theme? - Page 2 - xda-developers

    hopefully one of those gives ya something close to what you seek.

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