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  1. pilotcharles747

    pilotcharles747 Well-Known Member

    If some posted this same forum feel free to close:

    We are working to get an espn app on android. I would actually like a widget and an app. To get this we are emailing espn and expressing the desire to get an app/widget on android. To do this you must have an account with espn. It is free to set up. Once you set it up go to the contact us section and send an email requesting an app/ widget. This was not originally my idea got it from a guy on But I feel if we can get enough android users emailing they will see how large the android base really is. The amount of android users combined (g1, droid, nexus, hero, eris, click, and more) out numbers iphone users and I do not see why we will not be able to get one if they have an app.

  2. Needsdecaf

    Needsdecaf Well-Known Member

    Would pay for this.
  3. dmaul3300

    dmaul3300 Well-Known Member

    I hope it is similar to the espn MVP app I had on my old verizon phone with v-cast. I loved that application.
  4. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    It appears there used to be an app called ESPN NOW. I wonder if that dev was issued a C&D, abandoned the app, or is it still in development?
  5. pilotcharles747

    pilotcharles747 Well-Known Member

    If they see that the demand is here and there are people willing to pay, a company would be stupid to abandon the idea. If directv is able to create a football and basketball app streaming live games I do not see why espn will not be able to create an app. Now someone on said they expressed to him that they are working on the app. Having the numbers from droid nation demanding an app/widget will help them keep on the grind to pump out an app.
    The writing is on the wall android is spreading on to at&t, and with that all major us carriers will have atleast 2 android that to one phone on one network (iphone). By spring 2010 the android market will see numbers that could surpass the itunes market because of a variety of android phones a user can choose. If you know of a nexus forum spread the word.
  6. dusttones

    dusttones Well-Known Member

    I emailed them.
  7. dukenilnil

    dukenilnil Well-Known Member

    Good idea. I emailed them back in November for it but never got a response. Maybe a campaign will work
  8. dusttones

    dusttones Well-Known Member

  9. dmodert66

    dmodert66 Well-Known Member

    ESPN can make their own version, but they are choosing not to at this time. The reason they give is that when C&D requests are sent to Google, it takes them a long time to remove them (not being very proactive in removing infringing products). I think ESPN will not let anyone else make one until they decide to do it them selves.

    I just read the article yesterday, so I'll try to find it...

    **EDIT** Found it...

  10. dmaul3300

    dmaul3300 Well-Known Member

    Would they be able to move this thread to applications? It would probably get more responses from users using other android devices such as nexus one, hero, mytouch etc. instead of just the droid.

    I hope we can get enough response for ESPN to make an application for android devices similar to the ESPN MVP application out for v-cast or ESPN score center for the ipone.
  11. Markisss88

    Markisss88 Well-Known Member

    yes please do, all the sports apps on this thing arent very good
  12. GZ2525

    GZ2525 Active Member

    There is an app out there that I love called DroidESPN that allows you to listen to ESPN Radio or 15 ESPN radios from different cities. It also has every podcast to listen to as well.
  13. stricklerjosh

    stricklerjosh Well-Known Member

    Has anything happened to this...I heard they removed DroidESPN (which I can't even get because it doesn't work on android 1.5) I really need my ESPN radio back. My local station turned to spanish now no more Mike and Mike...BOOOO!!!!

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