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World War - Post Your Code Here

  1. arxix

    arxix New Member

    Fa8g9j usa
  2. Gackt

    Gackt Member

    World War Code: 4CMQ4E
    Racing Live Code: R9TEQD
    Pets Live: S5HN8
    Kingdoms Live Code: DUF99W
    IMobsters Code: ERAPY9
    Ninjas Live Code: PEFWB
    Zombies Live Code: C9EGXS
    Vampires Live Code: CCGEKR
    Galaxia Code: 29115
  3. cristian1

    cristian1 Member

    NAD7WP usa
  4. Vecinu

    Vecinu New Member


    Add me , I play every minute!!!! Let's do it!
  5. Spadesluck

    Spadesluck New Member

  6. mudskip

    mudskip Member

    Please add

    World War: QJ75W4
    iMobsters: EJDNRR
    Kingdoms: FUGH8Q
    Ninjas Live: 4UQT8
    Pets Live: B85P9
    Racing Live: 8PFXMT
    Zombies Live: R3QUJC
    Vampires Live: XJD9RH
  7. rz123

    rz123 New Member

    WTA6WV <please add me
  8. cchalkley

    cchalkley New Member

    new player on android,please join my alliance:

    Code: 4QFNG8

    Thanks Alot!
  9. HTC-Desire

    HTC-Desire New Member

    dhh3kr add!
  10. cchalkley

    cchalkley New Member

    reset my account now I know how to play

    Anyone join, I am USA:

  11. UnglueD

    UnglueD New Member

  12. Neller72

    Neller72 New Member

  13. psantiago

    psantiago New Member

    Usa S4F2J3
  14. midoriEK

    midoriEK New Member

  15. Fenixstrong

    Fenixstrong New Member

    R5GEY5 USA I play a few times a day.
  16. Jimmy22

    Jimmy22 New Member

    6UH5JY - UK - level 13 atm
  17. pitufo

    pitufo New Member

    USA but will accept any
  18. khnoob

    khnoob New Member

    Ga48tt -usa
  19. SalemRN

    SalemRN New Member

    JQQJ7T . Thanks
  20. markusoid

    markusoid Member

    8WJMGM <---- Add me
  21. Markor13

    Markor13 Member

    99S6FK <------- Add me ;)
  22. carassius

    carassius Well-Known Member

  23. CCCP20

    CCCP20 Active Member

  24. Tkdforce

    Tkdforce New Member

  25. goldz28

    goldz28 Well-Known Member


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