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Worst case scenarios for using Genious Button

  1. rleal2010

    rleal2010 Well-Known Member

    OK so t mobile likes to advertise the genius button, however there are somethings that should NOT be said using the Genius button lol

    So lets makes some funny commercials lol.

    Guy uses the Genius button to send a text to another guy while he looks around in a baby shower;

    "Hey dude, I thought you said this was the place to find some easy chicks?"

    lol :)

  2. behold_this

    behold_this Well-Known Member

  3. macavely

    macavely Well-Known Member

    Don't say.. 'call girls'
  4. rleal2010

    rleal2010 Well-Known Member

    Its just one of those things that are funnier "seen" than said lol

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