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  1. NeXuS4

    NeXuS4 Well-Known Member

  2. Android802

    Android802 Active Member

    wow, that was bad. This review reminds me of a video on youtube where the reviewer complains about photosphere not working in his review. He holds the phone in portrait mode for one picture and then landscape in the next and then complains that it doesn't work when you stitch it together.

    I find it odd that he compares the N4 to the GS3 Mini? why not do the full size GS3, that would make more sense to me.
  3. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    Because the Nexus 4 can't go up against the Full size GS3...

    Lite years better camera
    Removable Storage
    Removable battery
    No screen touch sensitivity issues
    Much better speakers on board
    More comfortable to hold, without the risk of a glass back breaking
    There isn't a 9 week wait to buy one from the underwhelming Play Store

    Lol, those are real world areas where the GS3 just basically beats out the N4!

    The only, and I mean only area where the N4 wins is that it wears a Nexus Badge and will get immediate updates under the Vanilla Android umbrella! Otherwise it can't hold a candle to the GS3...
  4. cvu524

    cvu524 Active Member

    While your points are valid, I'd have to argue about a few feature. Start with storage. There are ways to get around that which are cloud storage and there are plenty of those and Box gives N4 users 50GB of storage. I've got 5 cloud storage apps on my N4. On to build: Samsung is too plasticky and now they're seen everywhere like iphones!!!! You shouldn't have flimsy and cheap materials on flagship devices... Looking at you too Note 2!! *smh*.... the N4 on the other hand is made from superiorly better materials and have a much higher quality feel in hand and is definitely rare to see in public. Built on a 28nm process, its Quad core Snapdragon CPU will blow the S3 outta the water. Have fun complaining when Google announces a new update and now your 1 update behind. Granted there are ROMS out there that will eventually be made available but c'mon who has time to constantly update ROMS?? Battery life I'll call that a draw because the GS3's battery is large enough to offset the battery drain of LTE. PC World recently had an article and said in some cases, HSPA+ is faster than Verizon's LTE in 11 markets. I'm certainly happy with HSPA and its far more easier on battery life combined with the power-efficient S4 Pro processor.
  5. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    I love hearing people's points of view, it helps the device and tech game get better. You think Google isn't paying attention to all the negativity surrounding the Nexus 4 from A-Z, ranging from the debacle of the launch, to the shortcomings of the device itself?

    I wanted nothing but the absolute success for the Nexus 4, I've been following every nook and cranny about the device for some time now. I've been a supporter of the Nexus brand for a very long time. IMO opinion the whole thing was a major fail in so many areas, and yes I did sell my N4 because a very close friend who is tied in very tight to the whole phone game warned me before I even received it that it has major shortcomings and will disappoint me, he was right.

    However I used about 3 days to try it myself since my buyer wasn't taking it until that Friday after Thanksgiving, and I can tell you right now, he was right!

    Now comparing the N4 to the GS3 to me is just not logical, IMO the GS3 is just a much better device, for the exception of price and vanilla android. Other then that, it's a clear win for the GS3.

    Now does that mean I hate Google, or the Nexus movement, etc? I hope that Google takes a real look at how much demand there is for a Vanilla Based Flag Ship phone and makes some real strides towards improving their retail division, and making the Nexus line from a hardware point of view better.

    I like to keep up with the pulse and happenings within Android, not just the Nexus, I visit a variety of Threads about different devices every day...it's all Android to me at the end of the day!
  6. Gareatron

    Gareatron Well-Known Member

    Well IMO only thing it wins with the gs3 is fame. In pictures the gs3 looks awesome but in real life it looks cheap and plastic. The screen on the gs3 is OK the colors are a little dull compared to the n4. Performance wise I don't see difference except gs3 has bloatware and the n4 doesn't. This just my opinion.
  7. Banished Angel

    Banished Angel Well-Known Member

    Some other points:

    CPU - 1.5Ghz quad core on the Nexus 4 vs 1.5Ghz dual core on the GS3. Which is more future proof?

    GPU - Adreno 225 on the GS3 vs Adreno 320 on the Nexus 4. Again, what's more future proof?

    AMOLED vs IPS LCD - I'll call this a draw as it's more of a personal preference

    RAM - Both devices have 2 GB. Draw.

    OS - Nexus 4 runs 4.2.1 and will be running any new OS that arrives in the next 2 years. GS3 is going to run 4.1 for the next 2 years.

    You may call me blinded by my like of the Nexus 4, but in my opinion you seem blinded by your GS3. The GS3 wins out in some areas and the Nexus 4 wins in others, but the Nexus 4 is more future proof in my opinion. If you compare them without bias side by side it's not quite the blowout victory for the GS3 as you claim.
  8. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    IMO the screen on the N4 is very dull and lacks the same pop that the super Amoled on the GS3 offers. Yes the screen is sharper on the N4, but color wise it's nite and day IMO.

    Performance wise, I've owned the GS3 since launch, and have to say I have no complaints about lag or speed as a whole. As far as build, yes the N4 is built very nicely, however I have no complaints about the build quality of the GS3, months later and I have zero scratches, and zero creaks with the device. It's held up extremely well. But at the end of the day, the N4 is just a dead sexy looking device...
  9. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    I appreciate your outlook, and hey... At the end of the day, it's all about preference.

    However, I don't have complete love for any one device, I switch devices so often that to me it's a non event as far as future proof goes..

    But to be honest the N4 would have been better future proof wise if a better camera was on board as well as LTE. Phones will be coming out in early 2013 that are going to make our heads spin spec wise, so to be frank I feel the Nexus will look very old spec wise very quickly, especially for a phone that released so late in 2012... Just my opinion man
  10. Bnice

    Bnice Guest

    I can't knock Google for not putting LTE on the Nexus, I have the original HTC EVO 4g with wimax and it was a total fail for many. This is one of the reason I will not update my Sprint phone until they have LTE rolling.
  11. Gareatron

    Gareatron Well-Known Member

    Yes I have seen it in real life. My friend just got one yesterday and I was checking it out. The screen on the gs3 has a little blue hue to it. But imo they run the same. Both fast devices.
  12. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    ... And back to the article.... :rolleyes:

    I thought it was a halfway decent comparison for the non-tech user. That being said, I know PLENTY of non-tech people who chose the N4 over the GS3 (unfortunately there wasn't a mini around to compare with).

    Ultimately, as is always the case, it comes down to preference! What may be the perfect phone for one may not be the perfect phone for another.

    6 of one... half dozen of the other.

    Personally, I don't want/need LTE. I don't want/need Touchwiz. I prefer vanilla android and fast updates that don't have to go through Manufacturer and Carrier (and back and forth). Camera... eh, I've got an SLR and a P&S for that... if I want QUALITY photos I'm NOT going to use a phone (regardless of which phone it is or isn't). I'm not a fan of Samsung builds or their radios or GPS (though to be fair I haven't received my N4 yet and can only rely on experience from playing the the N4 of family).

    Glass back vs plastic back.... whatever, it'll have a case on it either way.
    Screen size... whatever, I'm not picky enough to NOT buy a phone because of less than an inch difference.
    Processor... well, to me this one is a gimmy'.

    Like I said... at the end of the day I may prefer phone X while you prefer phone Y and she prefers phone I and he prefers phone Q. No skin off of my back either way... I'm not going to troll others for their thoughts or preferences on a phone... I'm glad they have what works best for them. :)
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    I believe we'll start cleaning this thread for personal attacks.

    Infractions are on sale today! :)

    Continue snarking after this post and get one free!

    No exceptions and no limit per customer! :)
  14. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    I've seen a lot of bad reviews over the years, and I'm not talking negative reviews, but bad in terms of quality or content. The level of professionalism in fact-checking has really suffered with the rise of the blogosphere. A lot of these "reporters" simply pick up "facts" from one blog to the next and if they see it posted 50 times, they assume it must be true and post it themselves. I have really come to distrust most of them. You also must understand that the primary purpose of most of them is to get clicks and not present information fairly and objectively.

    So ... which is going to get more hits? "The Nexus 4 is a decent phone but isn't the leader in all areas." or "Google's Flagship Phone is an epic fail!"

    I am disheartened too to see this become a "feature contest" rather than an overall review. It reminds me of the tired old iPhone vs. Android arguments. Let's take the lead from this guy ...
    ...everything is relative.

    If I lived in Minnesota I'd be looking for a Ford F-10 with a snow plow attachment and the Mazda Miata would be an Epic fail. However, if I lived in San Diego ...

    I use my phone primarily for x, y & especially z, so a,b & c don't matter to me. Considering phone ABC that did Z poorly would be an epic fail, but only in my decision making ability, not the device ... or more importantly, everyone else who bought the ABC device because XYZ wasn't that important to them.

    I think at this point in time, the Nexus 4 is exactly what I wanted and I am very happy with it (for the most part ... nothing is perfect). Whether the SGS3, or any other device excels in areas or has features the Nexus 4 doesn't is only useful for those who haven't chosen yet.
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  15. MT Rotor

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    I thought this thread was closed...
  16. lunatic59

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    It was closed briefly due to a disabled vehicle in the left lane, but that has been cleared and traffic is moving again. ;) :D
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    Beep Beep...
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    It was until I asked the mod nicely to unlock it. :3
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    It was always the intention to reopen it, sorry I didn't mention that earlier.

    That's why I said, any snark below my post was going to get infractions. ;) :)
  20. Citizen Coyote

    Citizen Coyote Well-Known Member

    Every time I think of a bad review, I'm reminded of Engadget's review of the EVO 3D that spent half the article talking about the camera (which was a big discussion point for that phone, admittedly) yet didn't mention one word about its call quality, signal strength, or anything else related to using it as a phone. The proliferation of blogger journalism definitely forces the discerning reader to do more homework when reading reviews, sadly.

    Well said. The best phone is the one that works for you. Just as the best camera is often the one you happen to have on you. :)
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  21. MT Rotor

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  22. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    It all depends on the persons needs...and wants of course!

    It's like visiting the BGR website, everything except the iPhone is no good!

    However I must say Jonathon did say the Nexus 4 in his eyes was the best Android phone he's ever used, however his review was very very hard on the camera interface. But hey that's his point of view.

    Point of the story, and even myself included...Everyone needs to really take a look from outside the box and really understand that no review will really tell the tale on what a device feels like, how it behaves, and does what's best for them until they actually pick it up and put some mileage on it...

    Different strokes for different folks...
  23. Thats

    Thats That guy is This VIP Member

    The Reds invaded, saved the day, and disappeared just as fast. Sounds like Seal Team Six...

    Anyway, about the article, it is reviews like these that make me wonder what people actually WANT in a smartphone.
  24. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    That's been one of my biggest beefs with the Nexus/Google way of selling devices. I can't get my hands on it prior to sale (unless I know someone who already has it.) It took me a long time to finally plunk down the cash for the Nexus 1 when It came out ... I was five months late to the party only because I wasn't sure how it would "feel". When I finally got to hold an HTC Desire (same basic phone), I loved it and ordered, but I would have purchased sooner if I had the chance to see one in person. I'm sure they would have sold more if people could have touched them.

    For the N4, all I had to go on was the reviewers so it was a leap of faith being a release-day buyer. I'm not disappointed.
  25. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    I completely agree. TBH, the 5 minutes I spent playing with the N4s that my brother and his wife got convinced me it was with it (especially considering the only way I could keep unlimited data on VZW was to buy out of contract anyways). This will save me money on the long run AND no waiting for updates. :)

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